pea-flavored soda

Jones Soda Co. is at it again — now they’re offering green pea-flavored soda.  This is the same company that offers a “holiday pack” of bottled drinks like turkey & gravy, dinner roll, sweet potato, and antacid.  (Uhh, antacid flavor?!?  Why?!?)  And there’s fish taco and salmon flavors, too, as well as broccoli casserole, corn on the cob, and Brussel sprout.

What is highly ironic about this whole venture is that their chief executive says,

“Why people buy it is beyond me.  I can’t drink a bottle of this stuff.”

I don’t know why people buy it, either…  Yet it usually sells out.

Has anyone out there tried any of these drinks?  Are any of them good?

2 thoughts on “pea-flavored soda

  1. Mango-Man

    I bought a case of this stuff and gave each of my brothers a bottle as one of their Christmas gifts… ironically noone was willing to sample them. they are all planning to put it up on there desk or at their house as a ‘conversation piece’. 🙂

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