Why do women wear high heels?

Have you ever wondered why women wear uncomfortable high heels?  From what I’ve heard, those shoes are very uncomfortable and are bad for posture and bad for long-term physical health.  So why do women wear them?  Is it to be taller?  Is it to look better?  I figure it’s some combination of those things.  But that leads to another question — is it worth the trouble?

A study at Northumbria University has determined that men cannot tell if a woman is wearing high heels when they walk.  In the experiment, men couldn’t tell when women were wearing high heels, unless they happened to see the shoes directly.  And from personal research, I’ll say that men tend to not notice what kind of shoes a woman is wearing.

In related news, men don’t notice what kind of handbag / purse a woman is carrying.  I don’t know if there’s a study for that, but I suspect it’s true.  I don’t know any men who care or even notice whether their girlfriend’s / wife’s purse matches her outfit.  So why is it such a big deal?

Also related, have you ever noticed women who are dressed nice and have their hair fixed impeccably yet are dating a guy who looks like he just crawled out of bed?  The woman appears to be really concerned about physical appearance in herself but not concerned about it with the man she’s with.  Does that make sense?

If you have answers for any of these confusing issues, feel free to explain in a comment.

5 thoughts on “Why do women wear high heels?

  1. Because I feel like it

    Not everything women do has to do with men. I, for one, wear heels when I feel like wearing them, not because someone will notice them. Similarly, I may want to “match a purse with my outfit” because I want to look good for myself, because its what I like.

    1. Important Philosopher

      Of course women don’t do all that for men. The whole point of the article is that men typically don’t notice these things. So then the question is — why do women wear uncomfortable shoes and go through so much trouble (and expense) to have so many shoes and handbags to “match” many outfits?

      And for bonus points… if it’s not to impress guys or to look good to them, then who decides what looks good and what matches? Who decides the “standard”?

    2. Important Philosopher

      I’d also like to add that at one point in the ’70s, fashion “experts” decided it was a good idea to have orange and brown horizontal stripes on shirts. That’s inconceivable to me, but it happened. Bell Bottoms were equally bad.

      As the saying goes, “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” Think about it…

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