funny pictures, episode 10

Enough rambling… here’s some funny pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

This 1960s ad seems weird now, but then again, sugar is better for you than some of the fake sweetener stuff...

Have you ever wondered what happened when Mario fell down a bottomless pit in Super Mario Bros. and was never seen again?

Now you know...

(FYI, artist Ryan Coleman came up with this image, available for purchase at Etsy.)

It's an interesting concept. I do enjoy parodies of movies...
New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin celebrates, after his unused hurricane evacuation buses came back from "Pimp My Ride!"
If it's part of their promoted philosophy, don't they have to follow it?
Someone should tell this guy that horizontal stripes make you look fat...

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Why do women wear high heels?

Have you ever wondered why women wear uncomfortable high heels?  From what I’ve heard, those shoes are very uncomfortable and are bad for posture and bad for long-term physical health.  So why do women wear them?  Is it to be taller?  Is it to look better?  I figure it’s some combination of those things.  But that leads to another question — is it worth the trouble?

A study at Northumbria University has determined that men cannot tell if a woman is wearing high heels when they walk.  In the experiment, men couldn’t tell when women were wearing high heels, unless they happened to see the shoes directly.  And from personal research, I’ll say that men tend to not notice what kind of shoes a woman is wearing.

In related news, men don’t notice what kind of handbag / purse a woman is carrying.  I don’t know if there’s a study for that, but I suspect it’s true.  I don’t know any men who care or even notice whether their girlfriend’s / wife’s purse matches her outfit.  So why is it such a big deal?

Also related, have you ever noticed women who are dressed nice and have their hair fixed impeccably yet are dating a guy who looks like he just crawled out of bed?  The woman appears to be really concerned about physical appearance in herself but not concerned about it with the man she’s with.  Does that make sense?

If you have answers for any of these confusing issues, feel free to explain in a comment.

viewer mail, issue #16

It’s long past time for another issue of viewer mail.  As usual, I take some of the actual search terms that led people to this blog, and I provide the information they were looking for.  Well, there’s no guarantee it’s the actual info they wanted, but hopefully it’ll be funny.  🙂  I may not know everything (just 98%, give or take 3%), but I know humor.  But enough about my extensive reserves of knowledge!  Let’s get to the search terms.

* “laughing is important” — I completely agree!  And science agrees also.  Some studies suggest that laughing heartily every day can add 7 years to your life.  So obviously laughing is important!  That’s why I write on this blog — to help people laugh, which promotes good physical and mental health.  So subscribe to the blog, for your health’s sake!   🙂  And tell your friends about it!

Barack Obama tossing a football in his office* will people realize obama is a joke — I’ve wondered this myself, thinking perhaps all of President Barack Obama’s strange doings were part of some huge April Fools joke.  But that day has come and gone, and there was no announcement.  I’m afraid this is reality, that Obama will be the U.S. President through 2012.   He’s who the people wanted.   (I won’t say he won fair and square, because of ACORN type groups, but McCain sure helped him out with a poorly planned campaign.)  Let’s just hope Obama doesn’t make too many changes to America.  People want some change, such as removing corruption and increasing transparency and fixing the economy, and so far Obama has not given us that type of change (despite his campaign promises).

* arguing teddy bears — Normally teddy bears are passive, peaceful creatures, choosing to bring comfort to little children everywhere, so if yours are arguing, then there’s some problems.   Usually all you have to do to keep them happy is hug them.  If all else fails, you could let them fight it out.   I realize that sounds violent, but teddy bears don’t have claws, and they are plushy, so no harm will come to them.  Perhaps letting them release their aggression is the solution you are looking for.  Then again, arguing and fighting is no in their nature, so perhaps you are exposing them to too much of that stuff… maybe you should look in the mirror for your solution… 😮

obese-man* all you can eat belly — Well, if it isn’t obvious, here’s a picture.  But know that this is only after repeated use.  Enjoying all-you-can-eat buffets no more than once per week should be okay, but going there every day or two will lead to being fat.  There’s been a lot of research on this, which should be obvious.

* ice cream nachos — One might assume that combining two of mankind’s greatest food inventions would be a sure thing, but in this case it might not be.  I haven’t tried it, nor do I plan to.   Here’s what I recommend: eat your nachos, drink lots of sweet tea, and THEN eat your ice cream (topped with Oreos and/or Hershey’s Syrup).  Stay with that plan, and you can’t hardly go wrong.  (Well, don’t do this every day, for reasons illustrated by the previous topic.)

* build your own particle accelerator — This would be interesting, if you had the tools to conduct the research these are typically used for.  Hopefully you are searching for educational purposes only — this should not be used as a weapon.  Some scientists are concerned that high-powered particle accelerators could theoretically create black holes, which could obviously be dangerous, since they are the deadliest force in the universe.  Which, of course, means they are not a toy.

* can a man wear black bel and brown shoes — What kind of question is that?  Of course, a man can wear a black belt with brown shoes.  Men aren’t required to follow fashion trends nor to follow those imaginary rules concerning what matches and what doesn’t.  Besides, black matches everything.   🙂  Women pay more mind to these rules, and from what I’ve heard, they tend to judge each other very critically over those non-written fashion rules.  But with men it’s a different story.  In most cases, a guy’s friends won’t even notice what he’s wearing.  Besides, men need to reassert themselves and wear what they like and what is comfortable.

That’s all, folks!   Stay tuned for the next exciting episode, same blog time, same blog channel.

hair bands of the ’80s

The decade of the ’80s saw some tacky fashion trends, too many to name here, but one that stands out is the “hair band”, where guys in rock bands had long hair — sometimes even with perms. Ugh!

Be forewarned that the following pictures are not for the squeamish. If you can withstand the tackiness, look beyond the big hair and notice what some of them are wearing. I was a child of the ’80s, so fortunately I didn’t get too caught up in that craziness. But looking back, you have to wonder how in the world people thought that was cool!

hair bands from the '80s, 1

hair bands from the '80s, 2

hair bands from the '80s, 3

hair bands from the '80s, 4

hair bands from the '80s, 5

hair bands from the '80s, 6

Can anyone explain how that was ever considered fashionable? I have no idea… Did we just overlook that because some of the music was good? Could there be any other possible explanation?