burger bomb sauce

When I was Christmas shopping last month, I saw some type of burger bomb sauce, which sounded intriguing, like maybe some chipotle-based sauce.  (BTW, have you noticed that chipotle seemed to be the top food-related buzzword of 2011?  But I digress…)

I looked at the ingredients, and noticed that the first 4 ingredients are mayo, pickles, ketchup, mustard.  As we’ve discussed numerous times on the blog, pickles are not food, so they don’t belong in any sauce.  (I can’t stand mustard, either, but will acknowledge it’s edible to some people.)

So maybe this sauce is marketed as a practical joke type gift, in that it will result in the destruction of your burger, from an edible point-of-view.  I figured using the term “bomb” meant it would be the bomb, but obviously they meant it more literally.

Ironically, if someone had given me this sauce, I would probably blow it up…  🙂

10 thoughts on “burger bomb sauce

    1. Thomas Wayne

      Then we are at an impasse… but lo, I have a solution. While such condiments may be helpful on certain sandwiches, they can all be left off if enough cheese dip is applied instead.

      So let’s cover our food in cheese dip, so the world will have more peace…

    2. Thomas Wayne

      Seeing your blog name reminded me that some research has shown that eating pickles can turn people into zombies. It was first mentioned at the link above called “pickles are not food” (originally titled “pickles are evil”). That was back in 2006. That’s ironic… So if you love zombies, do you also love pickles?

      1. Thomas Wayne

        It’s been a couple of weeks with no response, so, um, did you forget to turn your brains back on? I see how you could forget, if you brains are off… But it seems like that could cause some problems…

      2. Important Philosopher

        I wonder how frequent this problem is… If it’s a common occurrence that women shut their brain off and forget to turn it back on, that could explain some things… 🙂

  1. Girl Loves Zombie

    The brain shutting thing that occurs has unknown, theoretical origins. It causes me to bump into strangers, walk to the left when I was suppose to go right, and stare blank, unable to comprehend what people speak to me. I’m thinking a witch, the true identity of the tooth fairy, placed a curse on me like Fiona from Shrek after I placed the same tooth under my pillow for an entire week.

    1. Thomas Wayne

      So are you an ogre? If so, you probably ought to update your profile pic. 🙂

      I’m thinking it’s probably a bad idea in general to rip off people with magic powers… although the tooth fairy should be a little more understanding, since kids don’t know what they’re doing.

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