the Darth Vader burger

Ironically, after publishing this week’s caption contest featuring Darth Vader and Ronald McDonald, I happened across an image of a Darth Vader burger.  Apparently some restaurant in France has created a Darth Vader burger which has a black bun.  It definitely looks evil!  (I’m not sure what evil tastes like, and I don’t really want to find out.)

They also created a Jedi Burger, which looks lame.  Are those marshmallows?  And what’s that sauce?  I may not want to know…

The restaurant says the black bun is just from a dye, that it should taste the same.  It actually looks kinda cool, though it doesn’t look edible.  Still, I’d try it, given the opportunity.

For those of you curious why this is happening now, it’s to promote the re-release of The Phantom Menace — this time in 3D.  And if you noticed the spelling of Vador, apparently that’s how it’s spelled in France.  I don’t know why it would change, but whatever.

6 thoughts on “the Darth Vader burger

  1. hahabuda

    if you kept it vader, it would sound like VAW-day
    Vador makes it sounds like VAW-door

    Also, I would totally eat that burger.

  2. MangoMan

    the Vader burger looks pretty cool! yes I’d eat it (the Jedi burger looks kind of dumb) they should have took thinks up a notch by spearing it with a mini light-saber (to be used as a toothpick)

    1. Thomas Wayne

      About the only way I’d order that Jedi burger is if it came with a real light-saber…

      But I’m thinking you wouldn’t want to use a light-saber for a toothpick… might lose a few teeth!

      1. MangoMan

        it would obviously have to a be a ‘authentic replica’ of a real light saber to avoid the obvious dental mishaps. also I just realized that not only did they mispell vader, but they chose the working “Dark” vador, rather than “Darth” vader. whats up with that? I’m wondering if they did that purposefully so they could save on licensing or something.

      2. Thomas Wayne

        Yeah, I was talking about a real light-saber. I’m not gonna buy a burger for a toothpick-sized version of a fake light-saber. Might work for small kids, though… but then they shouldn’t have a toy that small. So it obviously should come with a real working mini light-saber. 🙂

        There’s some small text at the bottom that says Dark = (something-in-French). Does anyone here know French?

        I don’t think they can get away from licensing fees because they have pictures of Darth Vader and Yoda. Plus it says Star Wars at the top right, so it’s kinda obvious what they’re going for. Maybe “Darth” is unpronounceable in French? 🙂

  3. Gardner's World

    I’ll have to remember this one for the next time making breakfast is my responsibility and I mistakenly put the setting too high on the toaster. “It’s not burnt, dear, it’s just Darth Vader toast”. I wonder how that will go down.

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