caption contest, Obama and puppy by Lincoln Memorial

Here’s a caption contest to start getting things back to normal after the holidays.  This picture features President Barack Obama holding a puppy in front of the Lincoln Memorial.  Figure out something funny to explain what’s going on here.   You can write what Obama might be thinking, or what a political analyst might say, or what an average citizen might think.  Or you can just make up something really random.  You can even put words in the puppy’s mouth.  Just keep it clean, funny, and don’t use this as a forum for serious political rants (there are plenty of places for that).

(To see the other caption contests, click on the “Say What?” category in the sidebar.)

10 thoughts on “caption contest, Obama and puppy by Lincoln Memorial

  1. Fab

    I think that pic of Barry Wayne O’Bomber holding the dog is running off your readers, as I am the only one besides Beppo to comment on it.

  2. Mr. Destructo

    “In order to complete my pact, I must now sacrifice this puppy, originally destined for my daughter, at the altar of the man who set my people free.”

  3. Thomas Wayne

    “See how normal I am? I love puppies, and I respect Abraham Lincoln. I’m all for America, regardless of what my actions may look like according to those right-wing extremists who refuse to print only positive news stories about me.”

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