seasonal slowdown

I realize I missed posting the weekly caption contest, but I have a good excuse — I had stuff to do.  🙂  I say that partly for humor, but it is true, because it’s been really busy the past few days.

Hopefully none of you regular readers are having withdrawals.  But if anyone misses my daily ramblings, then that means there’s something good going on here.  🙂  And maybe someone will feel inspired to show their support for all this free entertainment by sending in a donation of chocolate-chip cookies (or any similar gift).  If not, I’ll keep rambling anyway.  But chocolate-chip cookies are really scrumptious.  🙂

After the Christmas break, we’ll get back to our regularly-scheduled program.  In the meantime, you just get occasional updates like this, where I write about how I’m too busy to write…  🙂

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