combining Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

This year, it seems people got into decorating for Halloween a lot more than normal.  And as you’ve probably noticed, retail department stores are pushing the Christmas decor on us before Thanksgiving.  It’s getting crazy.  I like to keep the holidays separate — my rule is no Christmas music or Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving.  But stores seem to not be informed of my rule.

Before long, these holidays will all become merged by the unstoppable commercialization process.  Figuring out how to market the holidays together might seem difficult, but fortunately someone has already figured all this out.  In the article I’m about to link to, Chris Carlisle combines Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  For a mascot / symbol, he creates a “ninja robot Mecha Santa Claus”.  If that’s not enough to get you to read the article, I don’t know what is…   Plus it’s funny, and he has a good way of explaining all this.

Holiday Ninja Action Force Unite!  [link broken]

3 thoughts on “combining Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

  1. MangoMan

    If the holiday’s ever did merge, corporations would create a frenzy with there black *nov-cember shopping.

    *nov-cember is the combined months of november and december in which preposterous deals are to be found each and everyday of those months… but only if you get to the store by 3a.m. each morning or camp out the night before.

  2. Thomas Wayne

    I’m not for the merging of the holidays, and I agree that Christmas shouldn’t even be advertised until after Thanksgiving. But I like the idea of multiple “Black Friday” days. Have a few of them during the week, so there won’t be so many people. There would still be lines, but not so crazy like it is now.

    1. Thomas Wayne

      Seeing this years later, I’ll have to change how that is worded. (Not that I was wrong, but that stores implemented it incorrectly.) 🙂 Now there are multiple “Black Friday” days and weekends just about year-round, and it’s annoying. I’m for more sales, not incessant advertising that makes it not special anymore.

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