Optimus Prime that transforms on its own

Someone has created an Optimus Prime action figure / toy / collectible that transforms on its own. It even responds to voice commands and you can drive it around via an app. If this interests you in the least, here’s a video showing it off:

I have to admit, that is really cool. It’s great that they used the original transforming sound effect and that they got Peter Cullen to voice the dialogue. So props to the maker of this for doing it right.

It contains over 5000 components, 60 microchips, and 27 servo motors, with more details at the official site. As you might expect, technology this awesome is not cheap. $700 is out of my budget for such things, so I won’t be able to provide a hands-on review. Hopefully in the future it’ll get a lot cheaper, because it would be a great addition to my desk.

The reviewer in the video declares this the coolest toy ever. Of course that’s debatable, but I’m not going to argue with that. It is indeed awesome. Do you know of a toy or toy-like collectible that is more awesome?

combining Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

This year, it seems people got into decorating for Halloween a lot more than normal.  And as you’ve probably noticed, retail department stores are pushing the Christmas decor on us before Thanksgiving.  It’s getting crazy.  I like to keep the holidays separate — my rule is no Christmas music or Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving.  But stores seem to not be informed of my rule.

Before long, these holidays will all become merged by the unstoppable commercialization process.  Figuring out how to market the holidays together might seem difficult, but fortunately someone has already figured all this out.  In the article I’m about to link to, Chris Carlisle combines Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  For a mascot / symbol, he creates a “ninja robot Mecha Santa Claus”.  If that’s not enough to get you to read the article, I don’t know what is…   Plus it’s funny, and he has a good way of explaining all this.

Holiday Ninja Action Force Unite!  [link broken]

caption contest, weird robot costumes

It’s time… for our weekly caption contest!  As usual, write some funny text to go with this picture.  (Yes, it’s really that simple.)

This week’s picture involves people in cheap robot costumes.  I don’t know the original context of this photo, but that makes it even more fun.  🙂   So figure out what could possibly be going on here.  (Feel free to use your imagination as much as you want.)

people in cheap robot costumes

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a new robotic suit, plus some enhancements

In the news, a man has created the world’s smallest helicopter.  I’d like one of these.  It sure would be an easy way to get around town!

And while I’m dreaming, I’d like to combine it with this exoskeleton robotic suit that the military has developed.  It multiples your strength and endurance by as many as 20 times.  The microprocessors in this suit can respond in almost real-time, so it actually follows your natural movements.

They both have battery life of about 30 minutes, which isn’t enough for the plans I have.  I’d want to add some type of pulse laser or plasma gun to it, but those really drain the power quickly!  I’m thinking they need to employ some type of mini-fusion reactor (in a bulletproof case, of course).  I’d also want a taser feature, with variable power control from “that tickles” to “that ain’t right”.  I’d also want a rapid-fire launcher that can be equipped with various projectiles such as potatoes or grenades.  And this suit should include a tea-maker.  🙂

What kind of add-ons would you want in a robotic suit?