caption contest, big pizzas

Here’s this week’s caption contest.  This one involves food — big pizzas with lots of meat.  One of the guys in the picture looks like Adam Richman of Man vs Food, but I’m not for sure, because I haven’t seen this in an episode yet.  It looks like they’re in Chicago, where there is much awesome pizza to be found.  (Oh, how I long to return to Chicago for some of their famous deep-dish pizza!)  But back to the point, regardless of who it is, write what may be going on here in this photo.

two men eating big pizzas

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8 thoughts on “caption contest, big pizzas

  1. Fab

    Man in red shirt: As the owner of this establishment, I have to give you this disclaimer before you eat your pizza, sir: The names on the wall are a memorial to the ones who died of a heart attack while eating the deep-dish pepperoni/sausage/bacon/ham/hamburger/lard/extra-extra cheese/no vegetables pizza.

    Man holding plate: Forget it man! Here’s your pizza back!

  2. hooper

    Restaurant owner: I glad you like it. This is our pest pizza; it’s topped with our home mad pizza sauce, five different cheeses, peppers, olives, mushrooms, chick, bacon, dog, ham, and pepperoni.

    Adam: What did you say before ham?

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