fat sandwiches

I recently saw an episode of Man v. Food where he went to a restaurant called Munchies 420 Cafe in Sarasota, FL, and they had some great-looking sandwiches.  On their menu, there’s a section for sandwiches which looks good enough on its own, but below it there’s a section called “Fat Sandwiches”.  (Does that intrigue you?)  There’s several options, but a couple that I’d like to try are the “Fat Sandy” featuring two cheeseburgers, mac-n-cheese, chicken fingers, onion hoops, spuds, & mozzarella sticks, and another sandwich called “Fat Daddy” which is similar but uses philly cheesesteak ingredients instead of mac-n-cheese.   The menu also has “Fat Wraps”, and there’s a “Humungo Burger”.

I like it when restaurants have unique signature dishes.  I think it adds character to the place, as well as setting it apart from the standard restaurant.  I don’t know why more places don’t do that.  I tell you, if it’s ever in the budget to have a Buffet o’ Blog restaurant, it would be the most awesome place to eat you’ve ever experienced.  We have so many ideas (just glance at our Buffet o’ Bacon series, which barely scratches the surface).  Perhaps someday…

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