caption contest, strong man eating weird food

Well, it’s Monday, so it’s time for another caption contest.  This week’s photo features a strong man eating lots of rice (or some similar food) with chopsticks.   This isn’t our easiest caption contest, but there are still quite a few funny sayings, and I’m sure you’ll surprise me with some I’ve never thought of.  Remember that you can make the story be whatever you want.  Just keep it clean.

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11 thoughts on “caption contest, strong man eating weird food

  1. Holiday Inn Express

    The Hulk had discovered that the reason he kept turning green was because of all the vegetables he had been eating. Now he sticks to pale foods.

  2. MangoMan

    man eating rice “yes I am allergic to it” “but that will not stop me from eating the food I love!!! … I’d like to say more but my throat is swelling shut”

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