caption contest, Barack Obama and John McCain

I realize we’re past the election between John McCain and Barack Obama, but they still have to work together occasionally (or at least they claim to be bipartisan).  Either way, who needs context for a caption contest, right?  This week’s photo features the two of them shaking hands while Obama makes an additional hand gesture.  Feel free to use creative liberty in writing a caption — it doesn’t have to be realistic, just funny.

As usual, keep your comments clean, and remember this isn’t the place for serious political rants.  You may make a short rant as long as it’s funny and relevant to the photo, but put your serious bloviating elsewhere.

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11 thoughts on “caption contest, Barack Obama and John McCain

  1. Fab

    O’Bomber: OWWWWWEEEEEE! For an old man you really got a grip! Let go now before i have to punch you!

    McCain: I ain’t skeered of you and your Steve Urkel looking self! (squeezing harder)

  2. Tim

    McCain: (smiling for the cameras) “I won’t bow down to you like the king of Saudi Arabia. You’re gonna have to punch me.”

    Obama: “Sigh..I can’t do it. Wait…” POW! (McCain stumbles crying) That was for using Joe the Plumber against me!

    Suddenly John Kerry jumps out from nowhere and tackles Obama. Kerry: “You can’t hit a fellow veteran!” While they wrestle on the floor Obama reaches behind Kerry’s neck and flips a switch. Kerry stands up quietly and walks away repeating: “Stronger at home, respected in the world. Stronger at home, respected in the world.”

    McCain: “What was that?”

    Obama: “Oh that? That was Kerry’s candidate chip. They implanted him with all the proper rhetoric of a candidate. They didn’t really expect him to win. He was supposed to lose to Bush so that I could defeat a lame duck Republican in 2008. I’d say it worked.”

    McCain uppercuts Obama in the crotch. Obama keels over and tries to catch his breath.

    McCain: “How’d you like that? Here’s one of your cigarettes professor. It fell out of your pocket.”

    Obama: “Thanks.” *huff* “Nice shot.”

    McCain walks towards the door. He sees something green in the doorway. He bends over and picks it up.

    McCain: “Hmm..twenty dollars.”

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