caption contest, Barack Obama and John McCain

I realize we’re past the election between John McCain and Barack Obama, but they still have to work together occasionally (or at least they claim to be bipartisan).  Either way, who needs context for a caption contest, right?  This week’s photo features the two of them shaking hands while Obama makes an additional hand gesture.  Feel free to use creative liberty in writing a caption — it doesn’t have to be realistic, just funny.

As usual, keep your comments clean, and remember this isn’t the place for serious political rants.  You may make a short rant as long as it’s funny and relevant to the photo, but put your serious bloviating elsewhere.

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caption contest, John McCain and John Kerry

It’s time for another caption contest!  Same rules as always: write a caption for this photo, from whatever point of view you’d like.  Just remember to follow the language rules here.

Here’s some background on these two together, if you’re interested.  Of course, John McCain is the 2008 Republican Presidential candidate, and John Kerry was the 2004 Democratic Presidential candidate.  McCain also tried to run in 2000 but lost to George W. Bush.  In 2004, Kerry tried to get McCain to be his vice-president, while also offering him Secretary of Defense and other titles.  But McCain refused the offer, because he believed Bush to be the better candidate (even though he didn’t like Bush much).

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Who is a presidential candidate behind ethanol?

I’ve been waiting for the presidential candidates to get more behind ethanol and alternative fuel sources, and it looks like one of them finally has, going all-out, even :

I’m all for ethanol, I drink a glass of ethanol every morning. ~ John McCain

That’s what I call support!

(Now if only he would be that gung-ho behind other good choices on the major issues…)