new Pizza Hut crusts, plus our ideas

It’s not uncommon for American restaurants to feature cultural variations on their foods in other countries.  Even McDonald’s has some vastly different options around the world.  But what’s odd is when an American food company takes American-style food and offers it only in other countries.

If you click this picture to enlarge it, be forewarned that it will probably make you want to order pizza. If only I had a printer that could “print” out a real pizza like this when ordering online…

For example, Pizza Hut has several new types of crusts for their pizzas in the Middle East.  America has had the stuffed crust pizza for years, which is a great idea.  Now, in the Middle East, there is a crust with hot dogs in it, and there’s a crust that’s made up of mini cheeseburgers and one made with chicken nuggets.  That seems like something you’d have in the U.S. first.  Rumor has it they are considering bringing these crusts to the U.S.

Here’s some I’ve heard of (with the commercial linked so you can see it): Crown Crust Chicken (with chicken nuggets), Crown Crust Burger (with mini “burgers”), Star Pops Pizza (with “sausage pops”, which look like mini hot dogs).  Also of note, from Malaysia, there’s the Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown, which has shrimp, fish, pineapple, and “crowns of cheesy liquid gold”.

I’m all for innovation, but I’m not sure those ideas above will make the pizza better.  The Buffet o’ Blog staff discussed this topic, and all of us agreed that the next logical evolution in pizza crust should be to add bacon.  Now there’s a can’t-miss idea, if implemented well.  Why hasn’t one of the pizza places thought of that?  (It’s obvious to us, which is just another sign that we should open a new restaurant, if we can acquire the necessary funding.)

Now if you want to think outside the box on improving pizza crust, here’s an idea: make the outer rim of crust breaded like southern fried chicken.  There might be logistical issues with making it work, but that’s what R&D departments are for.  If you could pull that off while maintaining the necessary texture and not having the crust absorb too much grease, it would be most awesome.  And then, as some of you are already thinking, add bacon to that.  🙂

We have more ideas, too, so, Pizza Hut (or other pizza restaurants), if you’re listening, have your people contact our people.  We’ll work for cash money and/or free food.  🙂

fat sandwiches

I recently saw an episode of Man v. Food where he went to a restaurant called Munchies 420 Cafe in Sarasota, FL, and they had some great-looking sandwiches.  On their menu, there’s a section for sandwiches which looks good enough on its own, but below it there’s a section called “Fat Sandwiches”.  (Does that intrigue you?)  There’s several options, but a couple that I’d like to try are the “Fat Sandy” featuring two cheeseburgers, mac-n-cheese, chicken fingers, onion hoops, spuds, & mozzarella sticks, and another sandwich called “Fat Daddy” which is similar but uses philly cheesesteak ingredients instead of mac-n-cheese.   The menu also has “Fat Wraps”, and there’s a “Humungo Burger”.

I like it when restaurants have unique signature dishes.  I think it adds character to the place, as well as setting it apart from the standard restaurant.  I don’t know why more places don’t do that.  I tell you, if it’s ever in the budget to have a Buffet o’ Blog restaurant, it would be the most awesome place to eat you’ve ever experienced.  We have so many ideas (just glance at our Buffet o’ Bacon series, which barely scratches the surface).  Perhaps someday…

making fast food fancy

I’ve written before how the food you get at fast food restaurants often doesn’t resemble how it looks in the TV commercials.  Now there’s a website devoted to taking meals from fast food restaurants and making them looking like meals from fancy restaurants.  Their motto is: “Yeah, it’s still bad for you — but see how good it can look!”

Here’s an example, where they took a Wendy’s Baconator combo meal and made it unrecognizable.  Afterwards it looks like one of those dishes from a very expensive restaurant, where they don’t give you enough food and you don’t know what the food is.

Wendy's Napoleon

If you’re curious how they did that, here’s the link to the page explaining exactly what they did.

I have to admit, it does look fancy.   But it doesn’t look appetizing.   I would be hesitant to eat that based on appearance (except for the bacon crumbles).   Try to get your mind to reconcile the fact that the pile of mush in the middle is the actual ingredients from a double cheeseburger.  It just doesn’t want to compute…  And not only does it fail the logic component of my brain, but it makes me kinda sad…  That’s no way to treat a burger!