caption contest, mud jumping contest

As is our custom, the week begins with a caption contest.  This week’s photo features a man jumping into a big mud puddle.  There are observers, though they seem to be distracted by something.  It’s up to you to explain what could possibly be going on here…

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6 thoughts on “caption contest, mud jumping contest

  1. Fab

    Mud Diver (thinking to himself): It’s a good thing this isn’t poop ’cause then it just be gross!

    Guy standing on stage: Good thing we didn’t tell him it was poop ’cause he never would’ve done it!

  2. Holiday Inn Express

    The drought had a significant effect on swimming holes, and locals had to find a new pastime.

  3. MangoMan

    guy on stage: “I may not be a world class magician but you’d think the crowd would at least pay me a little bit of attention while I levitate this dude over this giant mudhole.”

  4. Thomas Wayne

    You know the economy is really bad when you have to put on “mud shows” every few hours to get by…

    Guy diving: “I thought Obama was gonna fix the economy… why am I still diving into mud several times a day?”

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