caption contest, martial arts fighting

This week we’ve got an exciting caption contest planned.  It’s an action-packed scene, full of fighting.   I don’t know if this is some kind of martial arts training exercise or an actual fight, but it looks like one guy is throwin’ the smack down!

As always, you get to write a funny caption for this picture, and it can be from any perspective: the fighters (any of them), an onlooker, an analyst, or whatever.  Or you can make a joke or pun about it.  Or you can write a backstory to give it context.  Or you can fit it into current world events.   Be creative.  Just make it funny and keep it clean.

(To see the other caption contests, click on the “Say What?” category in the sidebar.)

16 thoughts on “caption contest, martial arts fighting

  1. Holiday Inn Express

    A rare picture of ninjas in action as they attack these three guys. Look in the upper left hand corner, you can almost see a ninja!

  2. MangoMan

    It was supposed to be a more fair 3 on 1 fight against the ‘level boss’ on the right. Unfortunately the 3rd guy had to stop and take a dump (seen upper left squatting behind a chair) on the way to the smackdown.

  3. Mr. Destructo

    To qualify for the Tokyo police force, you must either:
    a) defy the laws of gravity.
    b) possess crazy stomping skills.
    c) roll around on the ground and die pathetically.

  4. Thomas Wayne

    Thomas Wayne had finally had enough of the taunting and had to throw the smack down on Mango-Man and his merry men…

    1. important evil genius E.D.

      unfortunately the plan backfired when mangoman kicked TW in the head and made him cry like a little girl!

    2. Thomas Wayne

      That’s not what happened! The important evil genius E.D. had sent his henchmen after our hero Thomas Wayne, and TW was in the middle of kicking some henchmen butt, as evidenced in the photo.

      1. important evil genius E.D. Says:

        you can’t just change your story on the fly like that… you make yourself look even worse.
        you cant even use the excuse that you are old like me. at least then, people understand if you get distracted or lose your train of though… mmmm… pizza!!!

      2. Thomas Wayne

        Well, there’s so many times that I kick butt like that, and the faces are somewhat obscured in that photo, so it could be one of a number of times. There’s a lot of butt to kick, y’know… 🙂

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