the world could be destroyed in 6 minutes

In the news this week, scientists set the doomsday clock back 1 minute.  So now we’re 6 minutes from the destruction of the world as we know it, instead of 5 minutes.  That doesn’t mean the world is about to end in 6 minutes.   (I hope you haven’t already soiled your drawers!)   It just means that humanity could be wiped off the face of the Earth in 6 minutes.

The doomsday clock was setup in 1947, with just 7 minutes until world destruction.   In 1953, we were just 2 minutes away from obliteration.  So obviously it has changed several times.  But most of the time, this is a clock where time stands still.

So what does it all mean?  Well, if World War III starts, most of us get an extra minute to live.  Perhaps they should work on extending that number a little more.  But there are a lot of different doomsday scenarios… it just shows how fragile and temporary life on Earth can be.

The moral of the story is, life is short, so you should enjoy it.  (Of course, you should also consider the afterlife and be prepared to give an account before God.)  The purpose of this blog is to make you laugh, which can improve the quality of your life.  Some studies even suggest laughing heartily each day can add years to your life.  You should tell your friends about Buffet o’ Blog, so they can laugh more and thus enjoy life more.   The world would be a better place if people would lighten up and not be so quick to get offended.  So do what you can to share the humor.

2 thoughts on “the world could be destroyed in 6 minutes

  1. Mr. Destructo

    They think it would take 6 minutes?!? HA! My empirical research shows I could do it in less than half that! Who are these scientists? Do they know what they’re talking about? Or do they just pull numbers from their butt?

    Listen, with my advanced studies in topics such as quantum entanglement, retrocausality, interferometric tunability, recession velocity, tachyonic fields, and Cherenkov radiation (and more) at Evil Genius University, I know a thing or two about destroying the Earth. I didn’t read where those “scientists” presented any factual evidence to support their guesstimate.

    It’s a shame what passes for science these days… When I take over the world, there’s going to be some big changes…

  2. Blah!

    After a visit to Los Amigos (greatest mexican restuarant EVER!), I can show how a world can be destroyed in less than 6 minutes. >:]

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