new car advice

I’m thinking about getting a new vehicle… something really nice and loaded.  What are some features I should ask for?  (This can include devices not standard on cars or even not invented yet.  Feel free to use your imagination.  Let’s have fun with this.)

15 thoughts on “new car advice

  1. mangoman

    I think a ‘bass cannon’ should be added to you car… not a bass cannon in the ordinary speaker sense… but in the sense of a gun that shoots fish…

    😀 now that’s random… I dont care who you are…

  2. Captain Wuss

    I think you should have a battering ram installed, so that when someone cuts you off in traffic or pulls out in front of you…. you can have some fun without hurting your car.

  3. Important Doctor

    My wife’s vehicle we got a year ago has leather… I was worried about it being too hot in summer & cold in winter… but i’m very happy with it. & its’ good and soft (they way it’s done has apparantly came along way in recent years). Also the built in seat warmer is a nice touch.

    A sun/moon-roof is always a nice touch.

    some vehicles have some sort of ‘sound technology’ that monitors ambient noises… as that noise increases it adjust the volume of the stereo so that it can be heard at the same level it was before the outside noises increased.

  4. Thomas Wayne

    Whoa! Normally the “Important Doctor” is full of crap, but he actually said some good stuff… Who knew he was capable of this? [silence] Perhaps his New Years’ Resolution was to be less stupid. 🙂

    On that “sound technology” you spoke of, does that mean your stereo will automatically turn up when your wife is rambling on about something? 😮

  5. Important Doctor

    TW… I suppose it could work that way… 🙂 although it may just work for outside noises… so you may need to toss her out the car…

  6. Need-a-Nap

    Simple… bunk beds… that way I could take a nap on the way to work… obviously you’d also need the technology to have the car drive it self… & maybe a snooze alarm of some sort to wake you back up once you arrive… granted my commute is only 5 minutes… but that’s enough time for me to sneak a quick snooze…

  7. Thomas Wayne

    Dear Need-a-Nap,

    Let me refer you to a previous post here about the next generation of alarm clocks. The buzzing sound and the need for a snooze button will become outdated. I want one of those alarm clocks that will fry bacon to wake you up… or make blueberry muffins. Mmm…

  8. SAMBO

    get global positioning – u won’t have to listen to wife tell u how to drive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Thomas Wayne

    I’d like my vehicle to have a tea maker in it that can be started by remote control. So when I’m about to leave work, I just push a button, and by the time I walk across the parking lot, a big glass of tea is ready for my consumption.

  10. Thomas Wayne

    I’d like the option to replace all the interior sounds with my own custom MP3 clips. For example, I’m tired of the blinker sounds, so I want to upload my own sound effect. This could be applied to multiple things, like when the headlights turn on, when you need to fasten your seat belt, when you’re low on gas, etc. Imagine the possibilities! How surprised would your passengers be if your car made a farting noise when your turned on your blinkers? 🙂

  11. i am woman-hear me roar

    okay, while the farting blinkers are very appealing, i’m not sure i like all the “wife” references posted here……i’m a very good driver, i don’t even make babies heads pull forward when i take off from a stop (very important to new mothers)

  12. Important Doctor

    Our deepest apologies to the lady… Sorry we’re not used to people with feminine qualities here at the blog (unless you count the ‘important far away psychologist’ guy) so yes… we make many of the typical male chauvinistic remarks about women and worse yet… we laugh at our jokes. and yes, we scratch alot and tell butt jokes too. but we really mean no harm. We hope you continue to frequent our pages here. If you like our brand of random humor you will fit right in. Thank you… drive through…

  13. SAMBO

    to i am woman hear me roar — Men get lost and won” ask directions so it is usually up to “wife” to get them there !! so with global positioning it saves men’s ego’s — they can listen to tom tom – not wife wife — (if u haven’t heare the tom tom –not dan dan commericals, this is not making a lick of sense to you !!!!!!!!!)

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