Square Watermelons

I’ve been meaning to post on this for some time now. 
Apparently  there  is  a new    craze taking place in
Japan for growing square watermelons.  (okay.. .not so new now… most articles referenced were written in 2001) 

The reasons given for growing a square melon?  

1) They won’t roll off the table, and 2) they can be more efficiently stacked in a refrigerator. 

Unfortunately they aren’t too cost effective to buy… at about $83 a piece (in Japan).  Read about it (here) and (here).  I also read some articles that touted the benefits of the square watermelon because it could be sliced like bread… and stated that they were preferable because they wont “roll around in the fridge”.  

According to the article (here) they will also soon be sold in the UK.  If you are interested in growing your own square watermelon you can buy a book (here) that details how you can learn to grow your own (for about $20… still cheaper than $83 bucks and a plane ticket to Japan or the UK).  But I tend to adhere more to (this) mindset of thinking:  “it’s quite self explanatory. Put a small watermelon from your garden inside a box and let it grow.”  

If you read the comments section of that last link you will see that apparently you can also grow square tomatoes or just about any fruit.  Apparently you can also do it with Pumpkins (In order to have a ‘face’ or ‘design’ be grown into it.  But one particular guy was using “cast iron molds” and apparently the “neighborhood was terrorized by them b/c they would explode like a bomb when pumpkins outgrew them.”  All in all… good stuff.

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