caption contest, crazy man on woodpile

This week’s caption contest is strange and unusual, and it borders on inappropriate.  So if you’re easily offended, you’ve been warned, and you could just skip this one.  Basically, the picture is of an older naked man sitting on a pile of wood.  Well, he has boots on and he’s holding a pan, so you don’t see anything, but still, it’s gross.  There’s a woman in the foreground who looks very agitated, along with a woman in the background who looks like she’s trying to stop something from happening.  Overall, it’s crazy-mad weird.

I’ve been posting these caption contests for a long time now, and I have to tell you, I have absolutely no idea what’s going on in this picture.  So it’s up to you to figure out something funny to explain this photo.  And since the image is quite crazy to start with, your story probably can’t be too crazy for it.  So get creative.

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the American Redneck Society

I heard that a man in Virginia founded the American Redneck Society recently.

The website has a page dedicated to what it means to be a redneck.  There isn’t a single specific answer to that question.  But according to the website, if you answer yes to any one of the following questions, you can proudly consider yourself a redneck.

1. Do you like to hunt or fish?
2. Are you a fan of NASCAR?
3. Do you own a pickup truck?
4. Are you a gun-owner?
5. Do you like country music?
6. Do you laugh at and identify with “you might be a redneck” jokes?
7. Do you agree with the creed of the American Redneck Society?
8. Are you a proud supporter of the U.S. military?
9. Can you fix just about anything with duct tape?
10. Did you think “duct” tape in question 9 should have been “duck” tape?

That’s going to include a lot of people, if you have to answer yes to only one of them…

Apparently you can get a number of store discounts if you become a paying member, so there looks to be something to it…

Love stinks!

If you’ve been married for many years, you might start running out of ideas for something special to do for your wife on Valentine’s Day.  Well, some people are really good at thinking outside the box.  A farmer in Minnesota who has been married for 37 years made a heart out of manure for his wife.  But it’s not just any heart — it’s a half-mile wide!

According to the news release about it, nothing says “I love you” like a half-mile wide heart made out of manure.

On public record, his wife said it was cute.  We don’t know what was said behind closed doors when reporters weren’t around.

I’m not sure what my wife would say about a half-mile wide heart made out of manure, but “cute” probably would not be her expression of choice…  Actually, she came in while I was posting this, and her official response was “I don’t want one”.

caption contest, many satellite dishes

I sure could go for a caption contest right now…  Fortunately, I have the power to make it happen.  🙂

This week’s photo features a house with quite a few satellite dishes on it.  Figure out something funny to say about it, from any angle, and share the laughter with us all.  Just keep it clean.

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