Love stinks!

If you’ve been married for many years, you might start running out of ideas for something special to do for your wife on Valentine’s Day.  Well, some people are really good at thinking outside the box.  A farmer in Minnesota who has been married for 37 years made a heart out of manure for his wife.  But it’s not just any heart — it’s a half-mile wide!

According to the news release about it, nothing says “I love you” like a half-mile wide heart made out of manure.

On public record, his wife said it was cute.  We don’t know what was said behind closed doors when reporters weren’t around.

I’m not sure what my wife would say about a half-mile wide heart made out of manure, but “cute” probably would not be her expression of choice…  Actually, she came in while I was posting this, and her official response was “I don’t want one”.

4 thoughts on “Love stinks!

  1. Beppo

    Dung Heap (if that’s your real name), obviously you aren’t married.

    And in her defense, receiving a heart made of manure could be interpreted numerous ways, and not all are romantic.

  2. Ronnie Dyeoreah

    In Dung Heap’s defense, women make a man’s life hell.

    Maybe the husband was trying to tell his wife what he really thought made up their marriage.

    Since women don’t “get it” when it comes to men, maybe he has to resort to other forms of presentation to get the point across.

    Oh the possibilities! 😀

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