free tax preparation (as far as you know)

There’s a lot of online tax preparation websites.  Personally, I stick with one of the reputable ones, but to each their own.  Anyway, while reading about taxes and extensions this week, I saw this on a website, promoting one of those online tax preparation services:

Use online Taxbrain to prepare your tax return, It’s FREE!  Only pay to print and file.

So it’s “FREE!” to prepare it, but then they charge you if you actually want to do something with it, like printing it or filing it online.  So really it’s not free.  Isn’t that false advertising?   That’s like Burger World offering free burgers, and they let you order it and they’ll prepare it, but if you actually want to eat it, you have to pay them.  They tell you it’s free to get you in the door, then they make you pay anyway.

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