throwing cream pies at people

The 3 Stooges, cake in faceHere’s a neat idea that will probably never happen.  A restaurant could offer cream pies for about 50 cents each, where you buy a 10-pack of them for $5, and you can throw them at people.  It could become one of those scenes where everyone gets into the action, kind of like what happened in some of The 3 Stooges shows.  It was a good time then.  I could see this being a lot of fun.

I know, some of you are thinking it would be too messy, and it’s not very dignified, but to those of you thinking that — quit being so “grown up”.  Think about how much fun that would be.  It would be like paintball, except with cream pies.  🙂

13 thoughts on “throwing cream pies at people

  1. A Cream Pie

    “What about me? Have I been reduced to this?” Says the helpless cream pie.

    Let me introduce myself. My name is not important but my position is. I am the head of C.R.E.A.M. P.I.E,
    ( Courageous Refusal to Eat And/or Maim Pies In Eateries )
    an organization devoted to the eradication, annilation, and destruction of people who attempt/carry out acts to use cream pies in a way not lawful by the government (an of course our own ‘laws’ )

    Remember those disclaimers that read “Do Not use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.” Cream pies are for (sadly) eating and not throwing at people.

    Chefs who make cream pies are artists and whose works of art should be admired instead of obliterated by over-stuffed americans. Would you eat the mona lisa if it was made of cheese? I think not!

    I have the signatures of thousands upon thousands of french pastry chefs in america who cry every time an order for a cream pie comes into his bakery. We will not stand for it any longer!

    Beware Buffet-o-Blog, we are monitoring your communications and your buffet-o-terror of the cream pie will not be tolerated.

  2. News Reporter

    ***Important Announcment***


    Protestors arrive at the house of a local mild mannered webmaster with signs that read “Heck No! Pies Wont Go!”…”Pie torture is bad!”…”Protect works of French Art!”…and many, many others.

    So far the demonstration has been peaceful and the webmaster is seemingly not at home because he has a job/a life.

    He has yet to be reached for comment.

    Stay with us for the latest. We report news as it happens.

  3. A Stooge at heart

    I think you should open up a resturant with that as the optional entertainment. It is a novelty idea and it would attract a whole bunch of college kids on the weekend to throw pies at each other.

    How come you have these great ideas and now way to implement them? I am a fan of the Buffet-o-Blog (THE GREATEST BLOG ON EARTH) and wonder if you will copyright any of these cool ideas you come up with?

    Good luck!

    P.S. i hope everything works out between you and those protestors.

  4. Fab

    I am a mere observer here, but it appears to me that Important (yeah, right) Evil Genius, E.D. is behind all this protesting because in several previous comments, it was revealed that his lifelong dream was to become a French pastry chef, but petty evil prevented this. Apparantly, he does know thousands upon thousands of French pastry chefs, though.

  5. Evil Genius, E.D.

    what? how dare you drag me into this. If I were the one behind this I would have revealed my evil plan by now (they way all Evil Masterminds do… just watch any old movie… you’ll see) this is all just trash propaganda… vicious slander and libel… and for the record… I NEVER wanted to be a pastry chef… yes I admit, I do have an affinity for pastries (as proven by my modest waistline) but I never wanted to create them… I’ve always been about destruction! so leave me alone… i’m busy deviating the moon from it’s path. Since I changed the earths orbit (back in my younger days) to create a 24 hour day i’ve noticed the moon’s appearance has been a little off (but it’s not broken as reported elsewhere)


    ***Important Announcement***

    This just in!!

    Protestors have increased in number around the home of the local webmaster, code named Beppo, in charge of Buffet-o-Blog. Apparently, the overtime hours required by his employer (without extra pay) has hindered Beppo from addressing the pressing issues being brought forth by the protestors.

    A friend of Beppo ,on condition of anonymity, spoke to our reporters this morning.
    “Beppo, is hiding out at an undisclosed location so he can prepare a response to the growing unrest at his home.”

    Beppo’s buddy would not comment further because he had to go home and remove the flower wallpaper desktop design on his laptop in preparation for thursday night video gaming with his friends.

    Stay with us for up-to-date information as this story unfolds.

  7. Buffet o' Blog Webmaster

    Cream pies do not have individual rights. The Constitution is very clear on this. You can eat them, throw them, put them in someone’s chair, or even flush them down the toilet if you want to. The C.R.E.A.M. P.I.E. organization is just looking for some reason to be offended. Why don’t the French pastry chefs go home and find something more important to cry about?

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  9. Dtdebster


    I got hit in the face with a cream pie on a very romantic date in a French Restaurant.

    And yes, not only did the Fairmont Hotel give the okay, they provided the pie FOR FREE!

    It was a magical night.

    The look on the faces of the patrons was priceless!

  10. Thomas Wayne

    So are you saying that getting a cream pie thrown in your face can be part of a very romantic date??? I’ve got some ideas now!

    1. Thomas Wayne

      She’s not necessarily a fan of slapstick humor, but maybe she would laugh about it later in the future… 🙂

      But women typically like being surprised… 🙂

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