caption contest, man pointing at food

A new week, and a new caption contest — they just seem to go together, don’t they?  Anyway, this week’s picture features a man pointing at a plate of food.  He looks kinda like Adam Richman of Man v Food fame, but I’m not for sure if it is.  The food appears to be some type of cheeseburger, but that is open to your interpretation.

Here’s how the game works.  You write a caption for this picture, explaining what is going on.  The goal is to think of something funny.  Why is this man pointing at his food?  What is he saying or thinking?  What is the guy in the background thinking?  Feel free to make up a short story to explain it, if you feel so inspired.  Of course, one-liners are welcome.  (Puns are not necessarily welcome, but are tolerated.)  🙂

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12 thoughts on “caption contest, man pointing at food

  1. Thomas Wayne

    “What’s this green crap on my burger? If my burger contains anything other than meat, it had better be cheese!”

  2. Thomas Wayne

    The amount of cheese needs to be proportional to the amount of beef, and this “cheeseburger” is definitely lacking.

  3. Mr. Destructo

    “I’m going to inspect my burger now, and for every pickle I find, I shall kill you. Nothing personal — I just have a zero-tolerance level for pickles.”

  4. Crappo the Clown

    Guy in back: “Oops… is this on TV? I just farted… I hope they can edit that out! … Whew! That’s some stank! I hope he doesn’t gag while describing the food. Maybe I better sneak out… but then everyone will know I did it… what ever should I do? My flatulence has created quite the conundrum!”

  5. Holiday Inn Express

    Why is that kid pointing at my sammich? If he doesn’t bring it over here right now, I’m gonna start pointing at him.

  6. Thomas Wayne

    Guy in back: “Is he pointing at the burger or at me? If he keeps pointing at me, I’ll kick his butt! That’s gotta be it… who points at a sandwich???”

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