a funny cooking video, for turkey leftovers

Whether or not you enjoy watching cooking shows, you’ll probably like this video I’m about to link to, because it’s funny.  It’s a clip from The 700 Club, and in this episode, Pat Robertson and Kristi Watts go head-to-head to see who has the better recipe for leftover turkey.

Before you give up on this video, just watch it and see.  They are going off on each other, and their discussion is amusing.  I realize you may have no interest in turkey pancakes — I really don’t, either — but the video is still worth watching.   And I know some of you may not care for Pat Robertson for whatever reasons, but this video is all about cooking — no politics or religion.  It’s just funny.

This is Kristi’s first attempt at a cooking show, and it shows.  Pat is particular about his cooking, and it’s obvious he doesn’t care for the “magic of TV” which makes cooking shows work smoothly.

Here’s some quotes from it, which illustrate that this is not your average cooking show.

“No offense, but it sounds sooo nasty.”

Kristi: “I’m laughing because you act like you can cook.”
Pat: “Are you kidding?”
Kristi: “Can you cook?”
Pat: “You better believe it.”

“I’m scared.”

Pat: “It looks terrible.  I don’t know what they’ve given me.  I think they’re trying to sabotage my effort.”
Kristi: “Just throw it in. It’s TV.”

“It’ll be all lumpy and gross.”

Kristi: “We have ready-made pancakes.”
Pat: “But I didn’t make them.”

“I think something is burning over here.”

Now for the video — Pat Robertson’s recipe for turkey pancakes.  According to him, it’s a great use for turkey leftovers after Thanksgiving.   I’m not sure that turkey and pancakes go together, but covering them with maple syrup has to help.

One thought on “a funny cooking video, for turkey leftovers

  1. Thomas Wayne

    Hmm… that gives me an idea… I think the Buffet o’ Blog staff should create a video from when they have their infamous bacon research nights…

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