a funny cooking video, for turkey leftovers

Whether or not you enjoy watching cooking shows, you’ll probably like this video I’m about to link to, because it’s funny.  It’s a clip from The 700 Club, and in this episode, Pat Robertson and Kristi Watts go head-to-head to see who has the better recipe for leftover turkey.

Before you give up on this video, just watch it and see.  They are going off on each other, and their discussion is amusing.  I realize you may have no interest in turkey pancakes — I really don’t, either — but the video is still worth watching.   And I know some of you may not care for Pat Robertson for whatever reasons, but this video is all about cooking — no politics or religion.  It’s just funny.

This is Kristi’s first attempt at a cooking show, and it shows.  Pat is particular about his cooking, and it’s obvious he doesn’t care for the “magic of TV” which makes cooking shows work smoothly.

Here’s some quotes from it, which illustrate that this is not your average cooking show.

“No offense, but it sounds sooo nasty.”

Kristi: “I’m laughing because you act like you can cook.”
Pat: “Are you kidding?”
Kristi: “Can you cook?”
Pat: “You better believe it.”

“I’m scared.”

Pat: “It looks terrible.  I don’t know what they’ve given me.  I think they’re trying to sabotage my effort.”
Kristi: “Just throw it in. It’s TV.”

“It’ll be all lumpy and gross.”

Kristi: “We have ready-made pancakes.”
Pat: “But I didn’t make them.”

“I think something is burning over here.”

Now for the video — Pat Robertson’s recipe for turkey pancakes.  According to him, it’s a great use for turkey leftovers after Thanksgiving.   I’m not sure that turkey and pancakes go together, but covering them with maple syrup has to help.

videos of deep-fried turkey disasters

Baking a turkey has long been part of most Americans’ Thanksgiving tradition.  But let’s face it — it’s kinda boring to watch a turkey bake. Plus turkey is healthy and not very fattening, which doesn’t fit in with our modern culture.  So now more and more people are deep-frying their turkey, which makes it more unhealthy (along with more flavorful), and there’s also the danger of deep-frying it improperly, which is exciting for some people.

I’ve heard so many reports of deep-fried turkey disasters in recent years that it seems like it’s becoming a sport.  There are probably countless videos on YouTube of this, but here’s a few highlights I’ve come across.

In the following video, note the lack of protective gear, and also notice the child in the background covering his eyes.  Somehow he knew something was going to go wrong.  And somehow this accident even inspired a dance from the man responsible for it.

This next video features firefighters showing the right and wrong way to deep-fry a turkey.  First, they do it correctly, with it fully thawed and dry.  Next they drop a partially thawed turkey in the deep-fryer.  Then they put a mostly frozen turkey in the deep-fryer.  Lastly, they show you what happens if you pour water on an oil fire.  (The last part is quite impressive, because it’s not near my house.)

This next one is great.  This “chef” uses the Archimedes Principle to properly deep-fry a turkey.  (That’s a great line.  I had never heard it used like that, and there may be a reason why.)  Then at the end, he says, calmly, “We are now frying a turkey.”  Perhaps, but he’s also burning a turkey… and his deep-fryer… and the house…

In this next video, we start with the fire already burning.  Several people are yelling, “Use a fire extinguisher!”  At least one person has the knowledge to say it should be one made for oil fires.  (There are different kinds of fire extinguishers, if you didn’t know.)  You might be able to guess whether this was the right kind or not.  I like how at the end one guy says, “It’s fine”, after it’s been on-fire over a minute and they’ve sprayed it down with a fire extinguisher (which might not be good for food).

Think you’ve seen everything there is to see regarding turkey frying accidents?  In the next video, some morning show radio DJs simulate the dangers of deep-frying a turkey (improperly) inside your living room.  Somewhere, Fire Marshall Bill is smiling…

BTW, this may look cool, but you shouldn’t try this at home.