Do you know what pancakes know?

I’ve noticed that a lot of the recent comment spam here has been in Russian.  I don’t speak Russian, so it’s all Greek to me.  But I was curious what they were promoting, so I copied one comment and pasted it into Yahoo’s Babel Fish translation service, and it returned this:

To ??? simply!  Everyone, pancake, all knows, except me

For some context, this was a comment on the caption contest featuring weird robot costumes.  Although I’m not sure if that really adds context, but I’ll make it fit.  Let’s see…  Were they calling us “pancake”? pancakes Surely not.  That makes absolutely no sense.  The interpretation didn’t give us the full meaning, so we must apply some interpolation.   Given the context of the caption contest, perhaps they meant everyone knows what is going on in that picture, except them.   That is, even pancakes know what’s going on.  Man, it must be tough to be dumber than a stack of flapjacks.   I reckon that’s why they’re in the spam business…

2 thoughts on “Do you know what pancakes know?

  1. SD Scientist

    Let me guess. The quote was as follows

    “Офигеть просто! Все, блин, всё знают, кроме меня”

    This seems to be a recent Russian internet meme. It roughly translates as “OMG, everyone except me knows everything”. The word interpreted by Yahoo as “pancake” is a poorly translatable slang particle, not carrying any specific meaning. (E.g.: “everyone, [cursing], everyone knows everything!”)

  2. Thomas Wayne

    Uhh, “SD Scientist” (if that’s your real name), are you saying pancakes have no specific meaning? And pancakes are most definitely NOT a “slang particle” (nor a slang participle). Maybe in Russia they have something against pancakes, but here in the Southern USA, they’re awesome. Just add a pat of butter on them, then cover ’em with syrup. Mmm! Serve some bacon and/or sausage on the side, and you have quite the balanced breakfast.

    I sure could go for some pancakes now! I wish there was a button on my printer to make pancakes…

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