Do you know what pancakes know?

I’ve noticed that a lot of the recent comment spam here has been in Russian.  I don’t speak Russian, so it’s all Greek to me.  But I was curious what they were promoting, so I copied one comment and pasted it into Yahoo’s Babel Fish translation service, and it returned this:

To ??? simply!  Everyone, pancake, all knows, except me

For some context, this was a comment on the caption contest featuring weird robot costumes.  Although I’m not sure if that really adds context, but I’ll make it fit.  Let’s see…  Were they calling us “pancake”? pancakes Surely not.  That makes absolutely no sense.  The interpretation didn’t give us the full meaning, so we must apply some interpolation.   Given the context of the caption contest, perhaps they meant everyone knows what is going on in that picture, except them.   That is, even pancakes know what’s going on.  Man, it must be tough to be dumber than a stack of flapjacks.   I reckon that’s why they’re in the spam business…

best YouTube video – Shingo Mama no Oha Rock!

Somebody online said they found the best YouTube video, so I had to watch it.  I don’t have time to find the best videos.  If you’ve ever perused YouTube for a while, you’ve undoubtedly discovered that some videos are not funny or not interesting or of low quality.  (Those are often referred to as crap.)  But that said, there are some great videos there, and when someone says they found the best one, I figured it had to be something special.

It’s a music video of a song called “Shingo Mama no Oha rock!”, and, well, it’s unique.  I’ll give it that.  I’m embedding it below, for your viewing pleasure.  I do have to warn you, though — it’s not for the faint of heart nor the faint of butt.   The backgrounds can give you a headache, and the dancing can give you gas.  (At least, that was my experience.)  So don’t say you weren’t warned.

About 30 seconds into the video, I’m starting to wonder if I’ve been had.  I mean, this is like the Macarena gone bad.  But this recommendation was from a blog that I’ve read for about a year, and there’s still over 3 minutes left in the video, which is plenty of time for something awesome to happen, like some explosions, ninja fights, car chases, etc.   So I keep watching.

About a third of the way through, the singer and dancers explode!   Well, that was something.  But they come back.   So obviously that was fake.

About halfway through, the music pauses, and James Brown comes out!  This so caught me by surprise!  I mean, THAT WAS RANDOM!  I’ve listened to a lot of James Brown’s music, and that was the furthest thing from my mind during this song.  I have no idea how he got involved in that video, except that it probably involved a LOT of money.

While trying to find an English translation of the lyrics, I found an interview with the artist, and he said he wants kids to have dreams.   He said when he gets rich from his music, he’s going to buy a castle in Europe, move it to Tokyo, put a panda in the castle’s garden, and name the panda “Oha”, which translates to “Good Morning”.  So every time they sing (or shout) “Oha!”, they’re saying “Good Morning”.  While researching this, I also found out that this song hit #1 on the pop charts in Japan.  And the special guests during the chorus are Japanese TV celebrities.

The next video clip has the interview with the artist, plus the video with the lyrics in Japanese and in English.  He’s singing about the importance of a good breakfast, and other such things.  It’s definitely randomness, which is why I had to post it.  And FYI, the video becomes more amusing as you watch it more, especially if you starting singing along.  OHA!

So now that you’ve watched it, let me know what you think about it.  Was it the best YouTube video ever?