caption contest, pancake tossing

For this caption contest, you’re going to have to use your imagination.  (Hopefully you still remember how to access it.)  This week’s photo features a group of people in business suits tossing pancakes in the air.  I honestly have no idea why this would be happening, but I can make something up.  I’d like to hear your ideas, too.

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Do you know what pancakes know?

I’ve noticed that a lot of the recent comment spam here has been in Russian.  I don’t speak Russian, so it’s all Greek to me.  But I was curious what they were promoting, so I copied one comment and pasted it into Yahoo’s Babel Fish translation service, and it returned this:

To ??? simply!  Everyone, pancake, all knows, except me

For some context, this was a comment on the caption contest featuring weird robot costumes.  Although I’m not sure if that really adds context, but I’ll make it fit.  Let’s see…  Were they calling us “pancake”? pancakes Surely not.  That makes absolutely no sense.  The interpretation didn’t give us the full meaning, so we must apply some interpolation.   Given the context of the caption contest, perhaps they meant everyone knows what is going on in that picture, except them.   That is, even pancakes know what’s going on.  Man, it must be tough to be dumber than a stack of flapjacks.   I reckon that’s why they’re in the spam business…

pancakes with a secret ingredient

I had lunch yesterday with a guy who said he recently cooked some pancakes in bacon grease.  And wouldn’t you know, the infamous Important Doctor was sitting next to him, grinning like he was smart or something.  The guy who invented this said they were really good, but he decided to limit how many he did that way because it couldn’t be healthy at all.  He said it created a slightly crunchy shell around the pancake that tasted great.  I’d like to try one…

I imagine you could add bacon grease to a lot of dishes to make them better, and the Important Doctor claims this is good for you, but I have yet to see any documented proof of this.  If only he would create some graphs to show how that works…