caption contest, karate training fail

So much busyness these days, hence the lack of posts lately.  But when times are busy and more stressful, humor is needed all the more.  So I’ll make time for this week’s caption contest.

This episode features two men attempting some kind of karate training or exercise.  Maybe one is the master and the other is the grasshopper.  It’s all up to you to iron that out.  So think of something funny to go with this picture.  It could be from one of the guys, or an outside observation, or you could create a story to go with it.

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18 thoughts on “caption contest, karate training fail

  1. Crappo the Clown

    One thing about those white karate pants — you gotta be careful to not get skid marks, or it will be to your shame.

      1. Crappo the Clown

        So if I eat lots of beans, I can get a brown belt in karate? I never knew it was so simple! I got that!

        Do I want to know where the other color belts come from?

  2. MangoMan

    The guy on the left that went to school with Yoda before he dropped out of Jedi School and became a professional shadow boxer. While he never did manage to lift a boat using only the force, spinning punk kids around in the air for laughing at his act was a piece of cake.

  3. Thomas Wayne

    Usually Mango-Man gets complicated stuff like this backwards, but here, he’s actually getting things upside-down. How, I have no idea. Obviously his incompetence exceeds rational explanation.

  4. Holiday Inn Express

    You guys are getting thrown off (HA!) by the clothing. This isn’t a karate event, it’s a breakdancing contest. The guy upside down is winning.

  5. Ape No. 1

    As Steve, the newest member of the dojo, came bouncing back off the wall with an awkward dull thud, the other students sniggered but kept their gazes directed at the ground. Steve had fallen for the oldest one in the book of trying to walk through the fake painted archway on the wall trick. He stood up in embarrassment and anger and made his way towards the fake door immediately to the archway’s right.

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