bacon croutons

As you know, bacon makes almost everything better.  And for most guys, salads need quite a bit of improving. has just what you need (again): Bacon Flavored Croutons.  Here’s an excerpt from the site:

Bacon Croutons – Salads just got cool

Bacon Croutons are about to change the salad game. Remember the revelation you had when you realized that salads could be a vehicle for ranch dressing? You’re about to have a similar life-changing experience. And don’t limit yourself to salad! Bacon Croutons are great on soup, crushed up on top of baked macaroni and cheese, as breading for fried chicken, and of course, used in your favorite Thanksgiving stuffing recipe. Bacon on, friends!

Now, you may be thinking this is truly awesome, and, taste-test pending, just might be, but before the hype gets too big, there was a statement at the bottom of the page that might make you say hmm…

Weirdly enough, these are vegetarian.

That is a source of skepticism, for me.  Veggie bacon just sounds… unnatural.  But if they actually taste anything close like bacon, it would have to help salads (when I have to eat one).  So I’d still like to try them, just to know.  When I do, expect a review on this blog.

2 thoughts on “bacon croutons

  1. Thomas Wayne

    They make it sound so awesome. Their description is a lot better than “Bacon Croutons — not made with real bacon”. I’m sure this fake bacon is a lot healthier than real bacon cubes, which might make it more appropriate for a salad… but still…

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