lack of recent posts

I realize there’s been a shortage of posts the past few days, so for our faithful reader(s), I will give an explanation.  A couple of us here just acquired a Nintendo Wii last week, so much of the free time is spent playing it, so we can write a review for you soon.  Okay, maybe we just like playing it, and we may happen to write a review soon.  🙂

I will say this, though : it sure is fun!  (The Xbox 360 and PS3 better watch out!)

11 thoughts on “lack of recent posts

  1. Not Fair

    Clearly you don’t have a kid, becuase if you did you couldn’t afford such a luxury. How I envy you. I want a WII, but will have to wait until they are going on e-bay 4 years from now for $49 with 20 games.

  2. Beppo

    No, I don’t have a kid, but I will help you formulate a plan to get a Nintendo Wii. Since you have a kid, designate to your parents (his/her grandparents) that the kid wants a Wii for Christmas. Get some of them to go in together on it, if necessary. Then you and your kid can play the Wii together and it will be “quality time”.

    And with how much fun it is for almost all people (even non-gamers), perhaps your wife will also enjoy playing it and then gaming will also be “quality time” with her. 🙂

  3. Married....with Children

    I have tried to get my wife to spend, “Quality time,” with me playing old-school cool games like Age of Empires, and she usually just takes over and tried to build her own scenerios with lots of flowers on them.
    Also, kids always seem to kick your butt at video games, so watch out for the incredible blow to the ego.

  4. Beppo

    If your wife plays Age of Empires in any form, you’re doing pretty good! Many wives think video games are just for little boys.

    Perhaps you can play multiplayer with her, where you build walls all around her village and deploy forces there to protect her. Then you get to play how you want, while she builds flower scenarios and such. It’s a lot better than you playing alone while she is upset that you aren’t helping clean the kitchen… 🙂

  5. Sigmund Fraud

    Yes, this is a good strategery in my professional opinion, unless you’re Mango-Man. Then both of you become obsessed with flower scenarios and the game goes nowhere. Oh, and the kitchen is of no concern at his house. It’s already clean, what with two girly people living in the same home.

  6. Great strategist

    The Grandparent is a great theory… one flaw is that they are poor and wouldn’t spend that much money on their grandchild, so one again… NOT FAIR. I tried buying some games my wife said she would like to play (monopoly, etc) and she still doesn’t want to play, so that was pointless. Talking about Mango-man…. Him and his wife would never finish the game. After a few flowers appeared on the screen it would remind them of the flowers they saw in the movie cider house rules and they would run and put it in the DVD player and watch it all while listening to old Celine Deon CD’s.

  7. Mango-Man

    yes… i’d stop & smell the flowers… YOUR flowers as I attacked and pillaged your village into certain submission…

    as for the ‘clean kitchen’ comment… my wife can easily refute that 🙂

    Mr ‘Fraud’ & the ‘not-so-great stategist’ are just jealous of my gaming skills… I could beat them both in a game… all the while eating bbq & blowing stuff up in my yard… 😀

  8. Thomas Wayne

    Hey, Mango-Man — since you want to blow stuff up in your yard, let’s build that giant straw Christmas goat! We can still have the BBQ, too, then do some multiplayer gaming afterwards…

    Though I have to admit that you do play Age of Empires (II) like you’re standing around watching flowers… 🙂 Your going through the “ages” ain’t exactly swift… 😮

  9. Mango-Man

    Thomas Wayne… I’ll remember your sarcasm the next time your city is dealt a death blow and you want to hide in my town… & why are you always wanting to build the christmas goat in my yard? you’ve got probably 100 empty acres behind your house.

  10. Mango-Man

    On second thought… burning stuff, eating bbq & playing games does sound pretty good. Just dont expect me to do all the work.

  11. Thomas Wayne

    Mango-Man, you say that now, after Christmas is over! But there will be a Christmas this year, and we will get our new tradition established.

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