a good idea to try in public restrooms

When you go into a multi-stall public restroom, like at work or at the mall, and there’s someone already in a stall, say this with your best big redneck voice : “MAN, IT SMELLS LIKE CRAP IN HERE!”

It’s a good time…  The people in the stalls will be amused, I’m sure…

4 thoughts on “a good idea to try in public restrooms

  1. Confused

    How come everytime your in a public restroom with like 6 urinals, and your the only one using one…. when another person comes in they always use the urinal right next to you instead of leaving one between you and them

  2. Mango-Man

    I find it essential that if a restroom is in use… go to an entirely different floor. If no other floor is available in your building… then use THE floor… NEVER approach someone at a latrine…

    Sounds as if mr Fraud is guilty of this… (he doest protest too much)
    likely the answer is that he feels that as that he is not endowed with as much ‘manliness’ as others… thus he feels that he is ‘inadequate’ & doesn’t ‘measure up’. Why he resorts to this behavior I dont know. But surely it has to do with his insecurities.

  3. Thomas Wayne

    A friend forwarded me a video on Male Restroom Etiquette and it will be helpful for those of you who don’t know which urinal or stall to choose when you go to a public restroom. If you think you should just choose any of them at random, then you definitely need to watch this, because there are unwritten rules that apply here. As the video shows, if you break the rules, it can lead to the destruction of civilized society.

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