a random address

On my way to church, I sometimes drive down Sixth street.  Occasionally I’ve glanced at the mailboxes along the road, just to look at different things so it’s less boring.  One day, I noticed something unusual.  One household has their address listed as “6st” street.

If you say it outloud, it kinda works.  Try it : 6st / sixst.  But obviously it’s WRONG.  Yet it’s amusing.  You’d think the owners would see their neighbor’s mailboxes and realize theirs is wrong.  Or maybe they think all their neighbors are wrong.  I dunno…

One thought on “a random address

  1. Thomas Wayne

    Because I greatly appreciate randomness, I figure other people must, too. So every few days I change the address on my mailbox, sometimes even putting it in a different language. Sometimes I put “I live here” or “Kilroy was here” or “5011 Most Cool Lane”. I figure the mailman gets a kick out of it…

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