caption contest, girl looking suspicious by house fire

Greetings, all!   It’s time for another caption contest!  This week’s photo features a little girl looking suspicious near a house fire.   You get to explain the context behind this.  Remember, it can be from any perspective — the girl, her parents, the firefighters, the neighbors, etc.   Just make it funny.  And of course, keep it clean.

child looking suspicious by house fire

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(To anyone randomly finding this who is prone to get offended over everything, keep in mind that this is all joking around, having fun, so there’s no need to get offended or distraught over the humor.  If you can’t handle the humor, go read about politics or something.)

26 thoughts on “caption contest, girl looking suspicious by house fire

  1. Alijandro Pena

    this look like a evil devil child from some place evil and wrong, like Dumas, AR…

    you know she have evil intent by just looking at her eyes…


  2. Thomas Wayne

    “Wanna see what else I can make with that chemistry set that I didn’t want? Next time you’ll give me Barbie’s Dream House for my birthday!”

  3. Thomas Wayne

    This is Fire Marshall Bill’s daughter. Obviously the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree…

    (Fire Marshall Bill is from “In Living Color”, if you don’t get the reference.)

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