Wimpy’s burger challenge

We’ve reviewed Wimpy’s burgers before, and in summary, they’re awesome.  Well, now Wimpy’s has a burger challenge for those who dare to attempt it.  It is a burger with approximately 4 pounds of beef and a 10″ bun, with a pound of battered french fries, and a 24 oz. shake.  I saw a picture of it next to a double, and it was HUGE.  When I went, 5 people had attempted it and all had failed.  They have the challenges on Tuesday nights.  I talked with one of the workers about it, and she said it was a good time.

I don’t plan to take this challenge.  I might could’ve eaten it back when I had a metabolism, but not now.  But if any of you would like to take it on, I’ll go along to provide commentary and document it on the blog.

Visiting Wimpy’s website today, I see that someone conquered the burger challenge this week.  I’m impressed.  That’s 5-6 pounds of food plus a shake.  And that’s a lot of beef to eat at one sitting.

3 thoughts on “Wimpy’s burger challenge

  1. Thomas Wayne

    On Wimpy’s Facebook page, some woman complained that her husband got a card in the mail for a free burger on his birthday. She was apparently distraught because they never signed up for anything. Perhaps she’s never heard of direct marketing… I mean, does she not get other targeted “junk mail” like pre-approved credit card offers? Whatever…

    Either way, I hope Wimpy’s will send me a birthday card offering a free burger, because I’ll gladly use it!

  2. cottonrohrscheib

    Thanks for the mention! Just ran across your blog. Just so you know, we do the Wimpy’s Burger Challenge every Tuesday Night during Student Night where student’s get a 40% discount. Since there’s usually a pretty good crowd that night we usually have a really good time. Hope you can join us some evening!!

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