Wimpy’s burger challenge

We’ve reviewed Wimpy’s burgers before, and in summary, they’re awesome.  Well, now Wimpy’s has a burger challenge for those who dare to attempt it.  It is a burger with approximately 4 pounds of beef and a 10″ bun, with a pound of battered french fries, and a 24 oz. shake.  I saw a picture of it next to a double, and it was HUGE.  When I went, 5 people had attempted it and all had failed.  They have the challenges on Tuesday nights.  I talked with one of the workers about it, and she said it was a good time.

I don’t plan to take this challenge.  I might could’ve eaten it back when I had a metabolism, but not now.  But if any of you would like to take it on, I’ll go along to provide commentary and document it on the blog.

Visiting Wimpy’s website today, I see that someone conquered the burger challenge this week.  I’m impressed.  That’s 5-6 pounds of food plus a shake.  And that’s a lot of beef to eat at one sitting.

ultimate destroyer BBQ sandwich

I really enjoy watching Man v. Food on the Travel Channel.  Adam Richman is great as a host, and he can eat a mountain of food, but the food itself is even more impressive.  One episode I saw was about Kansas City, and I wish I had seen this before I went to KC a while back!

The challenge in this episode was a BBQ sandwich called Papa Bob’s Ultimate Destroyer.  It was huge, but also a little unusual.  It’s built on a 12″ hoagie bun, and the bottom layer of meat is a half pound of pulled pork, then a half pound of hickory smoked sliced pork.  All that is covered in BBQ sauce, then another layer of bread is added.  Next is a half pound of hickory-smoked ham and a half pound of hickory smoked turkey breast.  Then more sauce and more bread.  But wait, there’s more!  Next is 3 half pound hickory smoked hamburgers*, topped with sauce and more bread.  In case that’s not enough, there’s a half pound of brisket and a half pound of BBQ sausage, with, you guessed it, more sauce and the top of the hoagie bun.

It would be difficult to eat just the sandwich, with all that meat and bread.  But the challenge also includes 1 1/2 pounds of fries.  I would welcome some fries, because they go well with BBQ’d meat, but that’s a lot of starch in an eating challenge.  It’s probably part of the reason why no one has ever defeated the Ultimate Destroyer.  All together, the plate of food weighs 6 pounds.  If you don’t eat it, it costs $48.

I glanced at the release form, and it explains the sandwich and has the usual legal fine print.  I like how the small print starts out: “I AM FULLY AWARE THAT I AM ABOUT TO ATTEMPT TO EAT AN UNHEALTHY AND POSSIBLY DANGEROUS AMOUNT OF BAR-B-QUED MEAT AND SIDE DISHES.”  Dangerous indeed…

There are some other funny tidbits in the rules:
– No bathroom breaks; just sit there and eat & eat & eat & eat.
– Must keep all food down at least 5 (five) minutes after your last bite. If you launch it, you gotta clean it!! (floors, tables, chairs, parking lot, employees, customers, etc.)
– A Papa Bob’s Up-Chuck bucket will be provided at your table (just in case).
– Papa Bob’s is not responsible for anything mentally or physically that arises from eating the “Ultimate Destroyer”.

I think I’ll pass on that one.  Maybe if they have a smaller version…

* I’ve never heard of a smoked hamburger, but it sounds intriguing.  When Adam got to that part, he said it was tasty but a little dry, so he had to add sauce.  I’m thinking some cheese and Miracle Whip would help with it.  And of course, you might as well add bacon.  🙂  I’ve gotta get me a smoker someday…

Man vs Food — Carnivore Pizza Challenge

One of my favorite new shows is Man vs Food on the Travel Channel.  I wish I had his job!   I don’t know where you sign up for such a position, so I’ll just watch the show and dream.   🙂

One of his challenges is to tackle the Carnivore Pizza with a friend.  (Here’s a commercial for that episode.)  The pizza comes from Big Pie in the Sky, a New York style pizzeria located in Kennesaw, GA.

carnivore pizza on man vs foodThere’s a video on the restaurant’s website which shows the pizza being made and describes it.  It also shows two guys being defeated by one pizza.  (Click here.)

If you didn’t watch the video, here’s the awesome details.  The pizza is 30″ in diameter and weighs about 11 pounds.  There is about a pound of each of the following meats: Pepperoni, Beef, Italian Sausage, Ham, and Bacon.

The restaurant will give you $250 if you and a friend can finish it in one hour.  So far no team has been up to the task.  A few people have eaten their half, but the challenge is still unbeaten.

I’d like to attempt this, but to eat 5 1/2 pounds of meats and pizza crust in an hour, I don’t think that’s happening.   Back in high school, I’m fairly sure I could’ve eaten my half.  These days, I think my metabolism has stopped completely (I sure miss it!).  I can still eat a lot, but it takes more work to burn it off.  That said, I would still like to try this challenge.

Fab’s burger challenge

This past weekend, Fab and Bag O’ Donuts hosted a party, and the food was inspired by recent discussions and pictures on this blog.  I was invited but had previous commitments for that evening.  After seeing the pictures Fab sent me, I’m really sad I missed this party.  Check out these burgers!  These are burgers of legend!

There will be leftovers...
There will be leftovers...
These were called the twin towers of cholesterol
These were called the twin towers of cholesterol

There is a LOT of meat and cheese on those burgers.  There’s also a lot of bacon, which doesn’t show up well in the pictures.   They cooked two packages of bacon, and here’s a picture of the bacon grease they drained off.

bacon grease from Fab's burger challenge

I showed that pic to someone before posting it, and they asked if the burgers were dipped in the bacon grease.  While that would probably be tasty, I hope that did not happen, or the people involved should probably make sure their will is up-to-date.

For the record, no one finished a whole burger.  Maybe next time I will be able to attend, so I can show ’em what’s up!   🙂