Fab’s burger challenge

This past weekend, Fab and Bag O’ Donuts hosted a party, and the food was inspired by recent discussions and pictures on this blog.  I was invited but had previous commitments for that evening.  After seeing the pictures Fab sent me, I’m really sad I missed this party.  Check out these burgers!  These are burgers of legend!

There will be leftovers...
There will be leftovers...
These were called the twin towers of cholesterol
These were called the twin towers of cholesterol

There is a LOT of meat and cheese on those burgers.  There’s also a lot of bacon, which doesn’t show up well in the pictures.   They cooked two packages of bacon, and here’s a picture of the bacon grease they drained off.

bacon grease from Fab's burger challenge

I showed that pic to someone before posting it, and they asked if the burgers were dipped in the bacon grease.  While that would probably be tasty, I hope that did not happen, or the people involved should probably make sure their will is up-to-date.

For the record, no one finished a whole burger.  Maybe next time I will be able to attend, so I can show ’em what’s up!   🙂

12 thoughts on “Fab’s burger challenge

  1. Fab

    Notice Fab’s burger has no vegetables. Bag O’ Donuts had sauteed onions on his. The point is, we wasted very little time on vegetable nonsense.

  2. D-DAWG

    I am wondering if this burger challenge was a direct, defiant, rebellion against the affects of the previous fast upon which Fab embarked. It seems cataclysmically parodoxical that human consumption behaviors could swing so drastically in such a short period of time – from fasting to complete carnivorous hedonism. Who knows what affect this could have on the time/space continuum, or worse, the duodenum.

  3. Thomas Wayne

    The idea of Fab altering the space/time continuum at first sounds inconceivable, but, on the other hand, some say he has his own gravitational pull, so who knows?

  4. Nauseous

    This typifies America: overindulgently and extravagantly gorging itself while thin people in foriegn countries slave to make them stuff, and other countries too backward even to be useful economic slaves have people resembling skeletons, who would desperately jump at a chance to be fed even to the equivalent level of an American house pet.

    Wasteful, excessive, and morally disgusting.

  5. Thomas Wayne

    Sounds like someone has a beef with Fab’s beef… 🙂

    Some Americans are wasteful, and most of us should give more to help those in need. But I don’t know anyone who typically eats like that. Those pictures represent a once-in-a-lifetime type event.

    FYI, America gives more to other nations than any other country. We could do more, but at least we’re doing something.

  6. Fab

    The cure for the thinness and poverty in third-world nations: get rid of the two-bit dictators that REALLY enslave their people, allow capitalism to be the m.o. in the economy, give the people basic human freedoms like our constitution does, and wealth similar to America and the West (prior to the arrival of European-style socialism) would result.

    As for your high and mighty judgmental words, they make me nauseous, Nauseous. Those burgers were made merely for the pictures and could not have been eaten in two meals, let alone one. But at least here in America we have the choice, the food supply, and the ingenuity to keep the flow of goods and services going and the ability to earn a living that affords such extravagances as thick-stacked hamburgers.

    From the tone of your comment, you must be a jealous foreigner because we in America understand that our generosity to those less fortunate here at home and around the world is the reason for our blessings and God is our Source.

    And who are you, Nauseous, to be the moral police or say anything about what generous, hard-working Americans do with their own money. Sounds to me like you feel like you know better how to spend my money than I do. If that’s the case, why don’t you come over here and earn my living for me. But until you do that, just know that we over-indulgent, enslaving, wasteful, morally bankrupt Americans are responsible for more good in the world than any country in the world today, other than possibly Israel, who gave us Jesus all those many years ago.

  7. Fab

    BTW, Nauseous, this blog is a humor site, not a hate-America site. It was all for fun, not a political statement, party-pooper! 🙂

  8. GutBomb

    “Eat,drink, and be merry. For this is the destiny of Man. To work, and to enjoy the fruit of his labor.”

    I think this was written is some relevantly accurate historical book somewhere buried in a cave by a salt lake in the desert east of the Great Sea close to a friendly neighborhood McDonald’s.

  9. Fortunate One

    I agree.

    Even if the labor is focused on the expulsion of this “fruit” in a nearby and adequately supplied toileting facility.

  10. Thomas Wayne

    Some enjoy said “expulsion”, and some say a certain reader reads a certain relevant accurate historical book while doing such things. I’m jus’ sayin’…

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