the Krispy Kreme milkshake

I heard that there’s a restaurant that created a Krispy Kreme milkshake.  If you’ve ever had a fresh Krispy Kreme donut (doughnut), your mind has probably already concluded this might be one of the best milkshakes ever.  I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has already left for the store to get donuts to put in your blender.

This Krispy Kreme milkshake is made from two donuts added to a blender with a vanilla milkshake.  How could that not be awesome?

I found a review of the Krispy Kreme milkshake, and the author said he couldn’t finish it because the sugar rush was “formidable”.  I can imagine it being quite rich, but I’ve never met a dessert I couldn’t conquer.

It looks like the inventor of this is the Flip Burger Boutique in Atlanta, GA.  The menu looks like a gourmet place, with “burgers” costing between $7 and $21, without a side.  (I say “burgers” because some of theirs don’t even have beef.  In most circles those items would be called sandwiches.)  It seems like an odd fit because the restaurant appears to feature only fancy novelty type foodstuffs.  While a donut milkshake is quite the novelty, it doesn’t seem as “sophisticated” as the rest of their sides.

If I find myself in Atlanta, I hope to try one, solely for research purposes, of course.  🙂

FYI, while researching this story, I saw a news article saying Krispy Kreme had created their own frozen beverages a few years ago, which were effectively a drinkable version of their doughnuts.  I’ve been in a few Krispy Kreme stores and never noticed this, so perhaps they didn’t stay around.  In a way I can see that — while it would surely be great tasting, when you’re in a Krispy Kreme store and can get hot doughnuts that melt in your mouth, why would you pass on that?

Wimpy’s burger challenge

We’ve reviewed Wimpy’s burgers before, and in summary, they’re awesome.  Well, now Wimpy’s has a burger challenge for those who dare to attempt it.  It is a burger with approximately 4 pounds of beef and a 10″ bun, with a pound of battered french fries, and a 24 oz. shake.  I saw a picture of it next to a double, and it was HUGE.  When I went, 5 people had attempted it and all had failed.  They have the challenges on Tuesday nights.  I talked with one of the workers about it, and she said it was a good time.

I don’t plan to take this challenge.  I might could’ve eaten it back when I had a metabolism, but not now.  But if any of you would like to take it on, I’ll go along to provide commentary and document it on the blog.

Visiting Wimpy’s website today, I see that someone conquered the burger challenge this week.  I’m impressed.  That’s 5-6 pounds of food plus a shake.  And that’s a lot of beef to eat at one sitting.

The Cheese & Burger Society

I recently stumbled upon the website of a group called The Cheese & Burger Society.   They have a really neat website design, and there are many pictures of different styles of cheeseburgers.  And the announcer sounds like Krunk from “The Emperor’s New School” cartoon, which is an awesome voice.

#12 sounds awesome.  And then the announcer says “wanna ride shotgun?”   I sure wouldn’t want to ride in the backseat behind someone who just ate one!

I have to disagree with the name of #19 — The Southern Belle.   That is no authentic southern burger!  What’s with the gruyere cheese, pickles, and cole slaw?!?  An authentic southern burger would have lots of meat, cheese, and bacon, and it would be so greasy that it’s served with wax paper because it will drip grease while you eat it.   If you’re not familiar with this kind of burger, you may think that sounds gross, but you couldn’t be more wrong.   It’s not healthy, but you will not eat a better tasting cheeseburger.

I’m not against mixing exotic flavors, but it seems like most of the burgers in that list try adding flavor by using weird fruit and vegetable combinations, like roasted peppers and glazed apple slices and cole slaw — ugh!  The best way to improve burgers is by adding various meats and cheeses, then things like BBQ sauce and/or chili.

getting fat the right way

I ate at Chili’s tonight with a couple of guys, and as we were examining the menu, one guy noticed some mini burgers and asked about them.  None of us had tried them, but judging by the picture it looked like these had more bread than meat.  I said I prefer my burgers to have more meat than bread, and this prompted one guy to say:

I like to get fat the right way. ~ Matt B.

That’s classic…  And he is of robust size, a meat-and-taters type of guy.  And he did make a valid point — if you’re gonna be overweight, you should enjoy it.  You don’t want to get fat from salads (which can happen if you use salad dressing).