Man vs Food — Carnivore Pizza Challenge

One of my favorite new shows is Man vs Food on the Travel Channel.  I wish I had his job!   I don’t know where you sign up for such a position, so I’ll just watch the show and dream.   🙂

One of his challenges is to tackle the Carnivore Pizza with a friend.  (Here’s a commercial for that episode.)  The pizza comes from Big Pie in the Sky, a New York style pizzeria located in Kennesaw, GA.

carnivore pizza on man vs foodThere’s a video on the restaurant’s website which shows the pizza being made and describes it.  It also shows two guys being defeated by one pizza.  (Click here.)

If you didn’t watch the video, here’s the awesome details.  The pizza is 30″ in diameter and weighs about 11 pounds.  There is about a pound of each of the following meats: Pepperoni, Beef, Italian Sausage, Ham, and Bacon.

The restaurant will give you $250 if you and a friend can finish it in one hour.  So far no team has been up to the task.  A few people have eaten their half, but the challenge is still unbeaten.

I’d like to attempt this, but to eat 5 1/2 pounds of meats and pizza crust in an hour, I don’t think that’s happening.   Back in high school, I’m fairly sure I could’ve eaten my half.  These days, I think my metabolism has stopped completely (I sure miss it!).  I can still eat a lot, but it takes more work to burn it off.  That said, I would still like to try this challenge.

10 thoughts on “Man vs Food — Carnivore Pizza Challenge

  1. Fab

    I think that you and I could take ’em down, Beppo. Come to think of it, I think Bag O’ Donuts and I could as well. We should all get together sometime and try to recreate a pizza to their specs and see how this “challenge” comes out and practice in case we ever decide to go on a road trip. I’ve got some pretty big pans that we could bake some big pizzas on if needed. Next time, it’s Fab’s Pizza Challenge!

  2. Beppo

    Sign me up for Fab’s Pizza Challenge! It would be good practice, and it would be much cheaper to make our own than to go there. And depending on how our “research” turns out, we could be the first dynamic duo to conquer the Carnivore Pizza Challenge!

  3. Food Challenger

    I also accept this challenge and we have to have video evidence of it so people will believe us when we CHOW DOWN! i am not local. But I will make the effort if needed to be there. This website rocks!!!

  4. Pizza-challenge

    I am doing a 32″ pizza challenge at the upper crust tomorrow .. This place is in massachusetts i dont know if its anywhere else .. and I wish they give you $250 as a reward, instead, they only give you a $31 gift card to use ONLY at the upper crust .. alternatively, you pay $31 if you lose .. any tips on how I should prepare myself for this? No one was able to do this in the past .. and you have to have at least one topping .. and I don’t see why you would want more than one anyways, only reason I believe I can do this is because its probably one of the thinnest pizza’s i’ve ever seen .. help guys ..

  5. Thomas Wayne

    I’ve heard some people drink a lot of water to expand their stomach before eating challenges. And instead of skipping previous meals, just eat small meals in advance, so your metabolism will kick in.

    Other than that, eat fast! That’s your only chance on a pizza that large. And on eating the crust edges, leave some toppings & sauce to go with it (though I’m sure you already know that).

  6. David

    I’m from canada and i had to go to the big pie in the sky for myself and the pizza is amazing

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