fast food – commercials vs reality

As you’ve probably noticed, almost all the humor here is original.  (That is, unique, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, limited-edition, you-saw-it-here-first type stuff.)  But occasionally I like to share a few funny links to other humor sites, so you may enjoy some of the random stuff I come across while perusing the Internet.   This is one of those times.  🙂

If you’ve eaten fast food, you’ve probably noticed that the food item you receive doesn’t usually look anywhere like the commercials on TV.  I saw a special on TV about this one time, and they said some of the food shown in commercials is fake — that is, not even made of food.  Here’s a post with many pictures comparing the commercial version vs the actual version (which of course can vary quite a bit).

fast food pictures — commercial vs reality

4 thoughts on “fast food – commercials vs reality

  1. Interesting...

    I noticed this as more evident at subway restaurants. I bet you those CEOs don’t eat at a regular subway cause those sandwiches are not worth 7 bucks! If they load it up, maybe. but i have never had any fast food resaurant serve up a meal like it is on t.v.


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