making fast food fancy

I’ve written before how the food you get at fast food restaurants often doesn’t resemble how it looks in the TV commercials.  Now there’s a website devoted to taking meals from fast food restaurants and making them looking like meals from fancy restaurants.  Their motto is: “Yeah, it’s still bad for you — but see how good it can look!”

Here’s an example, where they took a Wendy’s Baconator combo meal and made it unrecognizable.  Afterwards it looks like one of those dishes from a very expensive restaurant, where they don’t give you enough food and you don’t know what the food is.

Wendy's Napoleon

If you’re curious how they did that, here’s the link to the page explaining exactly what they did.

I have to admit, it does look fancy.   But it doesn’t look appetizing.   I would be hesitant to eat that based on appearance (except for the bacon crumbles).   Try to get your mind to reconcile the fact that the pile of mush in the middle is the actual ingredients from a double cheeseburger.  It just doesn’t want to compute…  And not only does it fail the logic component of my brain, but it makes me kinda sad…  That’s no way to treat a burger!

fast food – commercials vs reality

As you’ve probably noticed, almost all the humor here is original.  (That is, unique, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, limited-edition, you-saw-it-here-first type stuff.)  But occasionally I like to share a few funny links to other humor sites, so you may enjoy some of the random stuff I come across while perusing the Internet.   This is one of those times.  🙂

If you’ve eaten fast food, you’ve probably noticed that the food item you receive doesn’t usually look anywhere like the commercials on TV.  I saw a special on TV about this one time, and they said some of the food shown in commercials is fake — that is, not even made of food.  Here’s a post with many pictures comparing the commercial version vs the actual version (which of course can vary quite a bit).

fast food pictures — commercial vs reality