Wimpy’s burger challenge

We’ve reviewed Wimpy’s burgers before, and in summary, they’re awesome.  Well, now Wimpy’s has a burger challenge for those who dare to attempt it.  It is a burger with approximately 4 pounds of beef and a 10″ bun, with a pound of battered french fries, and a 24 oz. shake.  I saw a picture of it next to a double, and it was HUGE.  When I went, 5 people had attempted it and all had failed.  They have the challenges on Tuesday nights.  I talked with one of the workers about it, and she said it was a good time.

I don’t plan to take this challenge.  I might could’ve eaten it back when I had a metabolism, but not now.  But if any of you would like to take it on, I’ll go along to provide commentary and document it on the blog.

Visiting Wimpy’s website today, I see that someone conquered the burger challenge this week.  I’m impressed.  That’s 5-6 pounds of food plus a shake.  And that’s a lot of beef to eat at one sitting.

restaurant review – Almost Famous

Today the Buffet o’ Blog staff tried a fairly new restaurant here in Conway, AR, called Almost Famous.  They specialize in smoked meats.  Need I say more?

I tried the pulled pork sandwich, which was good.  It was served on buttered Texas toast, with plenty of meat (on the regular size).  Their fries were of the steak-cut variety and were good.  The sweet tea was also good.  So I recommend it.  Sorry I didn’t get a picture… I was hungry.

They also have 1/2-pound hickory-smoked burgers and ribs and various other smoked meats.  I’d like to try it again sometime.  You can buy smoked meat by the pound, which I might have to look into (until I get a smoker).  You can even buy smoked bacon, which sounds promising.  They’re thinking about adding steaks and pork chops to their menu soon.

It’s located on Oak Street, going toward Vilonia, past the new fairgrounds, and it’s on the right.  They also have an area for outdoor dining, for other months.  Everyone that worked there was extra-friendly.  Their normal hours are 11-7.  It wasn’t crowded when we went.

FYI, I’m not affiliated with them, but I appreciate what they’re doing and want to spread the word since it’s out of the way and many people probably haven’t heard of it.

review of Wimpy’s in Conway, AR

Today the Buffet o’ Blog staff visited a new restaurant in town called Wimpy’s.  As you might expect from the name, they specialize in burgers.  And let me say, they specialize not only in selling burgers but in making truly delicious burgers.  We all agreed that the burgers tasted most excellent.  If you’re looking for healthy burgers, this may not be the place, because the burgers were greasy, but they were also one of the juiciest burgers I’ve ever had.  I think it’s one of the top 3 burgers in town, and arguably the best (at least based on my first visit).

The french fries are also excellent.  They are battered, so they are somewhat crunchy (and perhaps even less healthy than normal), but they were just right to me.  They also have sweet potato fries, if that’s your thing.  We have yet to try the onion rings and milkshakes, but that will have to be on the next visit.  They also have other menu items, but it would be hard to order something other than a burger because they’re so good.

The sweet tea was sweeter than average for a restaurant, but we all agreed it was just right.  More points for that!

The only drawback we had was the smallness of the bacon.  It costs 70 cents to add bacon to your burger, and it took a search to find it on my burger.  You shouldn’t have to search for bacon on a burger!  There were 2 small strips, but it looked like one piece cut in half on mine.  It still added to the flavor, of course, but only to half of the burger.  I think two whole pieces of bacon (for 4 strips when cut in half) is a minimum, at least when I make burgers at home.  I realize many other restaurants skimp on bacon, too, so it’s not just them.  But I still had to mention it for this to be a fair and balanced review.

Also, it costs more than a typical fast-food burger joint, but the food is also much better than a typical fast-food place, so it’s not outrageous.  I definitely plan to go back.

review of David’s Burgers in Conway, AR

A while back the Buffet o’ Blog staff visited a fairly new restaurant in town called David’s Burger.  We make it a point to visit new restaurants of interest, and a place that specializes in burgers is definitely an interest!  They even have stacks of fresh ground beef on display when you go in.  They definitely emphasize that their meat is fresh.

All this place sells is burgers and fries, so that’s what we got.  They initially forgot to put bacon on our burgers, but that was easily remedied, and they brought out 4 pieces of bacon for each burger, which is the right amount.  The burgers were delicious — juicy / greasy, with the cheese melting, and plenty of meat.  I wasn’t too crazy about the fries, but some people like them, so your results may vary.

On a subsequent visit with different guests, one member of my party forgot to order cheese.  I informed the staff and they brought us a slice to put on.  But this was no ordinary slice of cheese — it had been dipped in the grease, so it was already half melted.  That’s a tasty way to melt the cheese, though not healthy at all.

Overall, we recommend it.