caption contest, fight during game

This week our caption contest features a fight during some type of sporting event.  It looks like either soccer or rugby, although you can of course make it be about whatever you want.  Your role in this exercise is to write something funny to explain this picture (although you also get to enjoy what other people write, of course).  You can approach it from any angle.  The only rule is to keep it clean.

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17 thoughts on “caption contest, fight during game

    1. MangoMan

      no, I think that’s cornholio!!! (check out the shirt) that means the other dude must be butthead. i’m betting the guy in the middle is principle mcvickers, and he finally caught the boys crapping on the field.

  1. Holiday Inn Express

    Not seen in the picture: A teammate of the guy in the middle has snuck up on the guy at the left and is delivering a wedgie.

  2. Thomas Wayne

    Guy on ground: “How in the world am I getting whooped by an older guy? And how is he about to whoop Joe while dragging me around? This is inconceivable!”

  3. underwhelmer

    My God… How do you keep your jerseys so clean? Come here. Let me see that. Magnificent… Yours is just as spotless as his; not a single grass stain. And the colors… how they complement your eyes. Hold me and never let go.

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