caption contest, fight during game

This week our caption contest features a fight during some type of sporting event.  It looks like either soccer or rugby, although you can of course make it be about whatever you want.  Your role in this exercise is to write something funny to explain this picture (although you also get to enjoy what other people write, of course).  You can approach it from any angle.  The only rule is to keep it clean.

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Mr. T commercials for Snickers

Today I’m going to link to some videos of commercials.  Now before you give up on this post, know that these commercials feature Mr. T, and they’re awesome.  One of them is perhaps the best / greatest commercial ever.

First, Mr. T is in the back of a truck that jumps through a house, and he is shooting a chain gun that shoots Snickers candy bars at a guy who is speedwalking.  (This commercial was pulled from British TV, because someone got offended and complained about it.)

This next one is probably the best of all the Snickers commercials with Mr. T.   A soccer player pretends to get hurt, so Mr. T drives up in a tank, running over cars, and telling the soccer player to quit acting like a crazy fool.  I don’t think commercials get any cooler than this!

Here’s Mr. T in a helicopter, going off on a guy who thinks the water is too cold in his pool.

Here’s the video where he created his chain gun that shoots Snickers.   It reminds me of the A-Team TV series, where B.A. Baracus would take whatever scraps he could find and build some type of armored vehicle with weapons.  In a way, B.A. was like MacGyver, except much more awesome.

As far as I’m concerned, all companies should hire Mr. T to promote their products!  Commercials wouldn’t be so annoying if they were cool, like these are.

funny soccer pictures, part 2

Here’s part 2 of the funny soccer pictures (along with some painful ones).

That's gonna leave a mark...
This is actually more of an action picture; but the goalie is quite shocked.
That looks quite painful.
Not very subtle, are they?
I suppose he's trying to show he's a soccer fan while still looking professional. I'm not sure he's successful, though.
In case it's not obvious, the music is just one note, held out the whole time and played very loud. If you've watched the World Cup, you know about this.

You can see part 1 of these pictures here.

Feel free to leave comments about any of the pictures.

funny soccer pictures, part 1

Since soccer seems to be all over the news these days with the FIFA World Cup, I figured it was as good a time as any to post some funny soccer pictures I’ve come across over the years.  Enjoy…

I know you can hit the ball with your head, but I think he's doing it wrong.
I figure two guys in this picture aren't happy about it.
Doesn't this look like fun?
Now THIS would make soccer a lot more interesting! This gives me some other ideas, too...
This also looks more interesting than the standard regulation size soccer field.
This has potential, although it would be slower-paced, which wouldn't be good.
I think this scenario would deter people from becoming goalies.

This is getting long, so I’ll put the rest in the next post.