great quote about France’s soccer boycott

I don’t keep up with soccer (football / futbol), but mixed in with other sports news today I heard of something unusual regarding the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  The players from France’s soccer team boycotted their practice because one of their players was kicked off the team for inappropriate behavior during a game.  If they truly believe they were treated wrongly and unfairly, I could see boycotting a game to make a protest.  I’m not sure how much it helps to boycott your own practices…

France’s coach, Raymond Domenech, was tasked with the job of trying to get his players to practice and be prepared for their match.  Today he said publicly:

“I tried to convince them that what they were doing was an aberration, an imbecility, a stupidity without name.”

I’m pretty sure that’s not the best motivational speech I’ve ever heard.  Maybe something was lost in translation…

caption contest, celebration with confetti

It’s time for another caption contest!  This week’s photo features an athlete, perhaps a soccer player (or futbol player, depending on where you’re at).  At first glance, it would look like something good just happened, as there’s confetti falling from the sky.  But since you write the captions for this picture, you can make the story be whatever you want!  The only rules are that you keep your comments clean and funny.

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penalized for farting during soccer game

In the news, a football (soccer) player in Europe was penalized for farting during a game.  The official considered it “ungentlemanly conduct”.  What in the world?!?  That kind of thing is gonna happen sometimes, especially when you’re out on a field for hours and running around.  Besides, it’s a natural bodily function.

The incident happened at a bad time for the player’s team, because they are currently without a sponsor.  Perhaps Beano should sponsor them.  🙂

caption contest, soccer player surrounded by opposition

It’s late on Monday night, but I didn’t forget about the caption contest.  Don’t lose heart!  This week, we have an interesting picture of a soccer / football player standing in the midst of his opponents, who are on the ground for some unknown reason.  I’m confident that some of you will figure out what might be going on here.

So how does this work?  You (and I’m talking to you) write a comment with a funny explanation or humorous analysis of the situation.  It’s that simple.  Here’s the photo:

soccer player, other team passed out

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