What do you mean “out of bacon”???

I went to a local Mexican restaurant at lunch today, and there was a problem.  One of the guys with me ordered fajitas with steak, chicken, shrimp, and bacon, which is an excellent combination.  Sometimes I order that dish, but today I changed it up.  I ordered a dish called pollo zapata, which is like pollo asado (grilled chicken breast covered with cheese dip) but with mushrooms and bacon.

When the waiter (who I know) brought my food, he said, “Sorry, we’re out of bacon.”  That’s it.  The rest of the food arrived, but to me it was incomplete.  The bacon from this place has a good smoky flavor, which is most excellent.  (Of course, it’s good regardless, because it is bacon, after all.)  He didn’t inform me until my food was delivered, then nothing extra was done about it.  That’s disappointing.

I asked my friend if his fajitas had bacon, and they did not, but the waiter didn’t even say anything to him about it.  Needless to say, he was disappointed also.

So what should they do when bacon is missing?  I’m sure there’s varied opinions here, but they could at least let us know before they fix the food, in case we want something else.  Or they could offer a discount.  Or they could include extra cheese dip.  But nothing was done.  That’s also disappointing.

Maybe this is just another sign that the Buffet o’ Blog staff should open our own restaurant.  If we had the required funding, I have no doubt that we could create one of the most awesome restaurants ever.  We have so many great ideas.  Plus, we’d make sure we didn’t run out of bacon!  If our stockpile was ever in danger of reaching its expiration date, we’d cook it up and give extra bacon to the customers.  Or we could put up a sign outside that said “FREE BACON!”.  I guarantee that would bring in some extra customers!

See, why don’t other restaurants think of stuff like this?  Obviously we must have a dizzying intellect, or have boundless inspiration and creativity, or think so far out of the box that we’re like, “What box?”  Or maybe all of the above.  Either way, we have a copious abundance of epiphanies when it comes to designing the ultimate restaurant.

We would like to see this come to pass, for a few reasons — it would be exciting; we’d want to eat there a lot; it would make lots of money.  So if you’re an investor type person with lots of extra money, have your people contact our people.  We’ve been documenting our restaurant ideas for a while now, and we’d like to see this come to pass.

5 thoughts on “What do you mean “out of bacon”???

  1. Holiday Inn Express

    There’s a sentence there almost perfect for mad libs, and would still be accurate.

    If we had the required funding, I have no doubt that we could create [number] of the most awesome [noun] ever.

    1. Fab

      I’ll play mad libs:

      If we had the required funding, I have no doubt that we could create piles of the most awesome crap ever.

      Hey, that’s semi descriptive of this blog as a whole. 🙂

      1. Thomas Wayne

        Fab, there’s a typo in your comment… it should read “piles of the most awesome stuff ever”. Surely there’s no way you could refer to this blog as crap. The awesome part is accurate, though.

        Now, if you want to talk about your blog… 😮

  2. MangoMan

    I bet most places just want to keep the bacon for themselves and not give it away or sale it. or maybe your waiter was just skimming the bacon you purchased for himself? as for me and my house… we prefer to eat bacon, *and not give it away.

    *although that would assuredly be a great marketing trick for a restaurant.

  3. Thomas Wayne

    I went back to this restaurant recently, and one of the guys got there early and ordered before everyone else. His food came with bacon. When we ordered, the waitress said nothing about a lack of bacon, but then our orders came without bacon, and she said, “Sorry, we’re out of bacon.” This is simply unacceptable! First, they shouldn’t run out of bacon, and second, if they do, they should either go get some (which they did for shrimp one time when I was there) or tell you before they bring bacon-less food.

    I suspect that once the chefs start cooking bacon, they munch on it until the whole supply is wiped out. I know that at some local Mexican restaurants the workers get to eat for free if they prepare it, so that would mean free all-you-can-eat bacon for the cooks… I’m not against such perks, but they’d better quit running out of bacon or I’ll quit going there…

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