Is it fun to be fat?

Apparently some people really enjoy being fat.  There are a number of bloggers who call themselves “gainers” and document their quest to get fatter.  One blogger named Peter is 5’8″ and 250 pounds, and he is trying to gain more weight.  He has said:

“I love how my weight feels when I run, falling and shaking my body shortly after each step… The only thing I love more than being fat, is getting fatter.”

Uhh… He has also explained that “it feels natural to be fat”.  I don’t know about that, but I have experienced weight gain myself, and it was all natural.  I didn’t have to take any supplements or follow any special non-workout routines.  It just happened.

Peter has also said:

“I talk with many men who are much larger than I am, about their bodies and why they grew so large. They talk about the satisfaction of being full like some people talk about how good they feel after a hard workout or something. Being fat is just what makes them happy.”

Here’s where I think he’s confused (among other things) — I can understand the satisfaction of being full.  When I demolish a pizza buffet and then sit around talking with my friends, it feels good.  That feeling does make you happy.  But being fat doesn’t make me happy.  That’s the difference.  I’m slightly overweight because I love to eat, but I don’t like being fat.  I enjoy playing sports, and hiking, and being able to go places that require walking, without being out of breath all the time.

It’s possible to eat a lot and not be fat, if you maintain a high metabolism.  Then you get to enjoy eating AND enjoy physical activities.  I realize some people may not care about physical activities, so being in good health may not matter so much to them.   But when people get to the point that they get out of breath from tying their shoes, I don’t see how that’s enjoyable.  And then there’s the added health issues of being obese, which aren’t fun at all.

So my conclusion (not that you asked, but you’re still reading), is that it’s not fun to be fat.   But it is very enjoyable to eat, as evidenced by the numerous food conversations we have had here on this blog, particularly our Buffet o’ Bacon series.

4 thoughts on “Is it fun to be fat?

  1. Thomas Wayne

    Sure it can be fun to be fat! If you’re riding a crowded bus or subway, you can offer your seat to two or three ladies, which makes you even more the distinguished gentleman! That’s like double or triple the coolness points / brownie points for doing just one act of kindness. How cool is that?

  2. Cole

    I only have a few levels of fullness. Satisfied, Full, and Miserably Full. I’m pretty sure these guys are talking about being happy in a state I consider to be the Miserably Full one. Yuck! Just thinking about it makes me want to starve myself the rest of the day. . . Anyway, how could that guy say he actually likes the fat falling and shaking his body when he runs! Ew!

    And Thomas Wayne, I laughed out loud to myself when I read your response. Very funny.

  3. Holiday Inn Express

    When the zombie plague comes, fat people will be the first to get eaten. Nobody seems to mention the risk to your brains when your best escape speed is somewhere between waddling and lumbering. Not to mention that fat zombies will be hungry zombies, their only prey will be other fat people, and then only caught after an epic 30 minute chase covering almost 100 yards.

  4. Libby Ruter

    Being fat is awesome cos u can just eat more and more and you won’t be embaressed about your weight

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