caption contest, car covered with flowers

At the monthly Buffet o’ Blog pizza-devouring staff meeting today, the topic came up of Mango-Man’s love of flowers.  After all, it is spring, and as the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.”   So now flowers are coming into bloom, and thus Mango-Man should be happy, and it’s a new season for making fun of him for it.  🙂  Since this has been a recurring theme of late, I figured this week’s caption contest could follow that theme.  If you are a new reader here and aren’t familiar with this recurring joke, you can catch up on the fun at the original post: a man who likes flowers.

So here’s a picture of a car covered with flowers.  You get to write a caption explaining this picture.  Remember that you can write from anyone’s point-of-view, even if they’re not in the picture.  Be creative with it, and have fun.

(To see our other caption contests, click on the “Say What?” category in the sidebar.)

If you particularly enjoyed this post with the ensuing comments and/or the original post about the man who likes flowers, there was a caption contest along these same lines a few years ago, with a man in a flower garden.

10 thoughts on “caption contest, car covered with flowers

  1. Beppo

    This car is good for the environment, because it consumes carbon dioxide and changes it to oxygen. That’s cool, but there’s no way that can make this car cool, no matter how “green” it is.

  2. Crappo the Clown

    Guy in picture: “Mango-Man is gonna be so jealous when he sees my new pimped-out ride!”

  3. Fab

    The so-called Evil Genius (more accurately known as a washed out old man with scientifically unsound ideas) tries to make a flying car by putting flowers all over his car and counts on the bees it attracts to carry the car through the air. Silly Evil Genius…Trix are for kids and flowers are for Mango-Man.

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